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Research into PSP


When Des was diagnosed with PSP we both decided to offer brain cells to UCL

Des's brain cells were sent off for use jul 2017

Now I have cancer and there is no more treatment so I was making sure my wishes were in place.Really sad that because the cancer might have affected these cells they are no longer of any use.

Please anyone not yet registered with UCL who has no objection get on this list.

So many people die of cancer now there must be a shortage of donars

EMail or tel 02078378370

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Dear Pauline,

I'm really very sorry to hear your news. You have been through such an awful time - although your description of your purple Friesian stage made me smile, as did, always, "loppylugs." You have been such a stalwart here. Sending love and hugs.


Dearest Pauline, I am so sorry to hear this diagnoses. I know you have been fighting this equally cruel illness for a long time.

Sending big hug and much love.

Lots of love


Dear Pauline

I am so sorry to hear your news.

You are a wonderful member of our community. I do hope you will keep posting.

Wishing you the very best during this difficult time.

In sadness

Warm wishes.



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