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give calms a try x

My husband has CBD and has sucferex for ages with anxiety and the he desribes it as a horrible anxious feeling in his tummy.

We tried some calms herbal tablets you can buy over the counter.

He woke like grandad from willy wonker, getting out of bed after a long time. we both had a cry that he felt so good and he felt so much better.

just thought id share for anyone else to try

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Hi Kaka - What is in the Calms tablets, do you know? It's good to hear that something actually helps a bit! I'm sure his feeling a bit calmer must be way better for you too...

Hope your week is good.


Who makes calms herbal???Is this in America ? Is this still working for your husband? Thanks for the info. I'm in Texas and my husband has CBD . He tells me all the time he wants to die cause he cant do anything.


im in the uk they are Kalms tablets ill try and add a pic the difference in David is AMAZING


hv posted a pic foe you to see


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