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Any one need these ?

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I have a waterproof cape for a wheelchair user, navy blue hood etc folds up pretty small so there in an emergency and also a fleece thingy you sit in in the wheelchair and zip up the front so keeps you nice and snug (maroon ) I would be very happy to post either or , or both to anyone who has a need and perhaps an affordable donation could go to Marie Curie or Hospicecare or PSP .


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Hi, Georgepa. Nice to see your name pop up. I hope you are coping as well as may be. Work is keeping me busy, but I also used this weirdly warm weekend to tackle some weeds that had two years to take over my borders and to plant some bulbs. Trying to project myself into a happier time. I am nicely stiff and sore from it all, and that's to the good.

On we go. Love and peace, Sarah

Hi Sarah -yes on we go one small step forwards and then three back .I have lots of what I call tsunami moments ,catch you totally unawares and overwhelm you often in the most unlikely places .I did try some bereavement councilling but my counciller would sometimes phone when I had had a "good" day and by the time we finished it turned into another "bad" day so I decided to go cold turkey .One knows what to expect so it's just a question of getting on with it .

I too have been planting - bulbs in containers ,daffodils and tulips and iris .My hanging baskets are full of cheery winter flowering pansies ,they are such smiley flowers aren't they . My Virginia creeper on the house turned its usual autumnal red and then came very high winds and they blew the leaves away and they seem to have disappeared which saved me one of my more onerous Autumn tasks .As I go up the street I do see quite a lot of of leaves like mine in other people's gardens who don't have Virginia creepers - strange !

Lovely to hear from you keep projecting yourself the only way is forwards although it's hard isn't it .

Love Georgepa

"Tsunami moments" captures it perfectly. Walking along the street and I'm suddenly overwhelmed. I still can't believe he's gone forever.

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Kelly55 in reply to Georgepa

Sorry to hear you are both still coming to terms with your loss x tsunami moments is so true! I lost mum suddenly (she had PSP but had a heart attack) 17 months ago and I still get these moments! Once in boots because of Vicks vapo rub and the other day in asda because of porridge !! And I still can't watch any of mums tv shows. The gardening sounds good though, therapeutic, might have to invest in some planters. Best wishes xx


What a generous offer, i was pushing Rog out on Saturday in the aftermath of cyclone Brian and thought must get him a proper cover!

I have messaged you privately ,i had to find out how to do that! If you open your messages it shou,d be there.

I will make a donation to St Richards Hospice if that is ok, they have been amazing throughout .

Best wishes


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Georgepa in reply to Julieandrog

Will get them on their way to you - did you want both by the way?

If that is ok, i bought a motor for the wheelchair a few months ago so am able to go for some good old yomps, impossible before,,so he does get cold, will send you pics!

Thank you again



Dear George, it's good to hear from you and pleased you are making small steps getting on with your new life. I'm sure there a lots of moments it doesn't seem like that. Pleased you have managed to get out and plant the bikes and plants, I have a box full of bulbs yo plant out bug no opportunity to get down to it, so frustrating. I have managed to plant up a few pots to brighten up,the dreary winter days. I have violas, cyclamen, and winter foliage outside the room we sit in (Bens bedroom) flowers give me so much pleasure. By the way I think I have all of your bright red leaves in my front porch, blown from Devon to East Sussex in the storm. Would you like them back! It's good to get in the garden, a real stress buster I find.

Sending love to you and your lovely daughter.

Kate xxx

Hi Georgepa. Lovely to hear from you and good to hear that you are keeping busy in the garden. I was meant to do the same, lots of bulbs to plant but my PC broke down and I'm pleased to say all is not lost, I managed to fix it myself. So many lucky moments in life, the 'wobbly' days are getting less as time goes by, although I don't think they will ever go for good. That's life and it is a comfort to look back at the good times and the fun ... Take care, love Maddy

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