Added to everything we don't live in a vacuum

You can fill in the blank with the many almost unbearable PSP challenges. Everyday we focus to live beyond their limitations. At the same time we don't live in a vacuum. Family problems, financial problems, and the general aura of crisis in the world are still a present reality.

Never forget to reach out for support dealing with these as well as PSP. In fact work to be supportive for others facing their own crisis. Many times we feel as no one understands what we face with PSP. Understand many others feel misunderstood with their lives.

The more we can look to help others, the less help we need. Our help might be a simple smile, but we can do what we can.


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  • I totally agree. I struggled to get help from certain parties during Steve's illness. All I basically needed was a hug, a smile, someone to realise what we going through and pat me on the head saying I was doing erything I could. I try and remember that, if I meet another carer.

    Lots of love


  • Dear Anne, I can read between the lines. I understand.

    Much love


  • Amen!!!

  • A big thumb up!!!!!

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