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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

My brother has always been an anxious person and for years has had OCD to the extent that in recent years he recognised that it, combined with acute anxiety, was severely affecting the quality of his life. With our encouragement he sought help and was offered anti-depressants - which he refused - and therapy over the phone - which didn't help. I'm now wondering if the OCD and anxiety were early indicators of PSP. I used to say "it's not him, it's the OCD" which enabled me to be patient with his rituals. Now I say "it's not him, it's the PSP". And now because of his memory issues he has a whole set of new rituals.

Today is a new day ...

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Lots of people with PSP, do seem to have OCD, not sure if it's a symptom or just bad luck. PSP does like company of other health complications. Either way you are right, it is the illness that is making him like he is.

Lots of love



What a rotten deal for you and your brother. I am sorry. I don't know about OCD symptoms being a precursor. Lots of folks with PSP develop obsessive and repetitive behaviors, although it seems mostly to be a phase folks come out of. I hope your brother finds something that eases his anxiety. Peace, ec

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Thank you ec.

How are you?

Your advice - just after his diagnosis - to go on holiday regardless was so right. We had a good time. Thank you.



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Glad to hear you had a good time. I'm managing, thanks. Miss my love so much.


I'm sure you must miss him terribly. I can only imagine how much. I hope you're looking after yourself. Thinking of you.


Interesting. My mother's anxiety is off the hook - and one of the more exhausting aspects of her condition for me to deal with. I don't remember her having OCD or even extreme anxiety when I was a kid (though she says she had it) - but she does now. I have other family members including my children though who do have OCD (at times severely). So not sure if it's part and parcel with a genetic profile. It definitely is part of CBD and is a cruel complication for those responsible for caring ( not to mention for the patient). Yesterday I had to walk out of mom's room because we'd spent hours trying to reassure her that she was going to be taken care of (she's transitioning from hospital back to a care facility after surgery due to a recent fall). Nothing I could say would get her out of her loop.


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