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Some Highlights (PSP/CBD and Caregiving) from the July 2017 Brain Support Network Blog

Provided below are some highlights from July 2017 from the Brain Support Network blog.

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Some items recently posted to the blog that may be of interest to those on this online support group include:

* Save the Date! Saturday, October 28, PSP/CBD Research Update and Family Conference, Crowne Plaza Foster City (San Francisco Bay Area)

* PSP and CBS excerpts from curriculum on dementia for healthcare professionals

* Inheritability of PSP

* "Square patches of light remember you" - reflections on grandmother with PSP

* Drawing and using a care map

* 13 ways to practice self-care as a caregiver

* Apathy - description and treatment

* "How to improve resilience in midlife" (NYT)

* "Recording a legacy: How to create a life journal"

* "11 signs it may be time for assisted living"

* "What happens to a marriage after Parkinson's"

* "Avoiding caregiver isolation" - notes from a talk

* "The pain of caregiving"

* "Five ponderable thoughts" about grabbing "a second chance to live life"

* "How to choose a dementia care facility. Avoid my mistakes."


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