Groin pain

Hi all you lovely people, George gets a bad pain in his groin, does anyone suffer with this. Also his coughing has got much worse, what about you all is anyone going through this stage, frightening when he starts coughing, he passes out, on a soft diet, he does not want a peg, are we getting near that stage? Thank you all have a good weekend. Yvonne xxxx

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  • Hi yes I remember J did complain of groin pain at one point but does not seem to mention it nowadays. His coughing and spluttering on food and drink now is dreadful I think everyone in the block (flats) can hear him its soooo loud. Dreadful x

  • Thinking of you

  • If I remember correctly, Don had pain in his groin. He also refused a peg. Did not want to be able not to taste his food. Coughing mostly at night.

    Audrey xoxo

  • Hey, Audrey. I've been thinking of you. How are you? Love, ec

  • Hey ec, Still coughing like crazy, very tired and missing my baby. I keep on talking to him out loud and in my mind asking him why. Should I have sent him back to the hospital, was sending him to Hospice the right thing to do. I am so angry and if another person tells me he is out of pain I will scream. He was not in pain but not being with him when he passed is killing me. Thinking breakdown is on its way for me. Don't know what to do.



  • Chris had groin pain. GP said he had a " slight " hernia.

    He hasn't complained again.

    Coughing sounds frightening.

    Stay strong, Yvonne.

    love, Jean xx

  • Thank you Jean, looking after the grandchildren, going to have a nervous breakdown ha ha xxxx

  • I don't know if it's good or bad having grandkids.....It's good for the first few hours but when it becomes days it gets hard....

  • Just over night x

  • Love having them but lovely afterwards too !!!


  • Yes xxxx

  • Yvonne, will join you in your breakown.



  • Audrey you are welcome your place our mine xxxx

  • Where do you live Yvonne? xoxo

  • Audrey in Hertfordshire, U.K. Xxxx

  • Yvonne, Long trip for either one of us xoxo

  • You are welcome to come to me I would love it 💕

  • Yvonne, Would love to but not feeling so great :( xoxo

  • Look after yourself it is early days, time is a good healer, everything is so raw, you have lost the love of your life, hopefully in time, you will feel differently, memories will always be there. Offer is always open xxxxx

  • Yvonne, Thank you xoxoxo

  • Audrey always here if you need to talk xxxx

  • Yvonne, I always need to talk, TY xoxoxo

  • Me too, can't sleep again just laying here thinking about sleep wishing I could sleep. Big hugs Audrey. Yvonne xxxx

  • B has not had groin pain. But his moaning ( I used to be able to message him) has gotten so bad in the mid night or early on at bed time that I self medicate ME to get some sleep .... infact he is now in his own hospital bed to incline his head a bit... oh with all who responded it sounds like a thing, this groin pain....good luck


  • Not knowing as much about PSP as you all, I was going to suggest maybe groin strain or hernia. See it can happen. All that coughing must be so exhausting on mind, body, and all in the vicinity!

    Hope you can find him some relief!


    Jen xxxx

  • i hav e hsg groin pain in mry

    left leg for ove r3 months and noting seems to soothe it../ maybe its Just part oF PS[P


  • I think you are right Jill xxx hope you are ok xxxx

  • My guy recently developed a hernia, which must have been uncomfortable. He doesn't seem to process pain really, although the communication is so poor he really can't tell me what he feels. He lets me know if the food is too hot!

  • The pain in the groin is something my husband tends to have. I would check it out with your husbands PT. It seems strange, but my husband's is related to the psoas muscle. This is a large muscle that starts in the lower back, wraps around the hips and ends in the groin. It aids in stabilizing the hip. Massage and heat helped. Lessening the strain on the lower back (e.g. using the feet support in a wheelchair, using a lumbar support pillow, ), exercises to strengthen the core and hip muscles, more walking, less sitting. etc. etc. Hope this helps.

  • Thank you but George cannot walk anymore, do not able to get much exercise, someone normally comes in once a week for exercise. Going to get doctor to check him over xxxxx

  • Hi Yvonne, I agree with the others, it could be groin strain from all the coughing. But, yes, get the doctors opinion.

    Lots of love


  • Anne how are you coping , hope you are looking after yourself? Sending you a big hug. Doctors call is on my long list Yvonne xxxxx

  • Lately I have been experiencing some pain in my lower abdominal and groin area. At times they feel like contractions. I never really experienced it before, so I'm chalking it up to PSP.

  • George is in really bad pain, every 15 minutes he is lifting himself out of the chair in pain, anyone else like this? If so what pain killers are you taking please, waiting for doctor to come xxxx

  • I haven't taken anything extra. I'm on Baclofen which is a muscle relaxant... doesn't get rid of all the discomfort but makes it more tolerable. xx

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