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Today is Mental Health Awareness Day in Canada, dubbed 'Lets Talk', there is a stigma around mental health inthe world today. I suffered from post pardum after the birth of my son and have only been able to talk about it in the last few years.

People don't believe me when I say this, I am a bubbly open person not much bothers me, on the outside. I had a call from a friend last night, he is very spiritual. He told me he had a dream of me being very frustrated....this is true. I am frustrated seeing my mother in law suffer, I am frustrated seeing the effect this has on my husband who cannot seem to accept what has happened to her. I am frustrated that everyone on this site is going through their own personal hell.

I am however happy that this site allows me and all of us to let it out!!!! I am happy that we all have eachother and most of all I am happy to be healthy. This site has taught me to look at the simple things in life and appreciate them, because in one brief moment, everything can change

thank you


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A younger cousin of mine just died in a traffic accident. You are right: everything can change in a moment.


That is tragic, the very reason why we have to cease the day....and have a group of friends we can talk to

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I am sooooooo sorry. Love, Mary - B


thank you, Mary. It is so very sad.


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