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Poorly husband today, hot and cold sweats and shivers. wanting toilet than cannot go. Feeling sick, clearing his throat constantly. Initially I thought he'd got a tummy bug but no evidence of that. After a difficult day for us both I now think that because he gets so constipated that today it reared and took its toll. He has had 2 good 'motions'. I also think that he might be leaking saliva into his lungs whilst sleeping. So sad to see him so poorly and unhappy. He was tucked up in bed at 7pm tonight (his request). It's weird not having him in the lounge with me, but am watching Olympics and drinking some wine so cheers my lovely support group.

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  • Hi, Dottie. Yes, it's awful how constipation can make someone sick in all those ways. I hope a good night of sleep helps him, and that you enjoy a long evening of relaxing. Cheers to you, Dottie. Hang on! We are all in this together. Love, Ec

  • Hi Dottie cheers to you, constipation is the worst thing, and going in and out the toilet, let's hope tomorrow is a better day. Xxxx

  • Hopefully with a couple good BMs and a long night of rest tomorrow will be a better day....I don't know how to stop all fluid from getting into the lungs but B has a suction machine and takes glycopyrrolate both helps keep saliva in check.


  • Like AVB, I use a suction machine on C. It just helps to clear what is in his mouth. I also make sure he is on his side at night so saliva can trickle out rather than go down his throat. Lots of towels and pads but the sheet and bed clothes still get soaked.


  • I think it is worse than the runs. I hope you get good results soon.

  • When my dad hasn't had a bowel movement in about 3 days, his condition plummets rapidly but he bounces back to "normal" after he's all cleared out. I've even seen constipation make him hallucinate, several times in the last year late at night, (and he wasn't a drinker and was anti-drugs so especially at first it was so weird to see him not in his "right mind" but I've learned to remain calm and talk him through it). Not having a big regular BM also makes him irritable and very weak. So we started adding about 1/4 cup prune juice to certain of his drinks throughout the day, partly in his breakfast drink and partly in his juice drink, daily and that's helped him be more regular. I've read that the muscles that are used to push stool through our colons and intestines are weakened (or stiffened?) by psp, just as it does to other parts of the body, and the effect of so little exercise doesn't help. We also use fiber gummy bears for Daddy, which he'll eat. And about the fluid in his lungs while he sleeps.. nobody mentioned elevating their upper body while they sleep? SHouldn't that help? If in a hospital bed it's of course easy to do and we do this with daddy. And the clearing the throat constantly.. daddy did that too, psp creates issues with excess mucus. Seems like it gets worse, then suddenly goes away no more mucus but it may not happen that way with every sufferer, psp being such a surprising evil devil, likes to keep us guessing. Hope any of this helps.

  • Thank you. He has an electric bed but at the moment he won't let me elevate it. He has fully recovered after a long and good nights sleep last night. I keep him topped up with Lactulose and fruit and fluids.

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