Dream (or vision?)

Hello all PSP caregivers

I wanted to share this for a while...

A month or so ago, it was Ramadan, when Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset - I was fasting too and went to sleep an hour or so before sunset time

My mom woke me up at sunset time so I could break my fast and between the time it took me to open my eyes and sit up with a glass of water in my hand, I saw what seemed like an awake-dream...

In that milli-second dream, it seemed like I was standing in heaven - and myself and all the PSP caregivers from this group (easterncedar, nannab, abirke, amilazy and all the others) were doing a group huddle (like football players do before they start a game) and there was a thought going around that seemed to say "we passed" or "we managed to do our best through that tremendous trial"

Everyone seemed to be feeling a mix of peace and gratitude

I hope it turns out to be true :)

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  • Oh Sammy. That has made me cry! I don't think a sad cry but I'm overcome with emotion. Thank you so much for sharing your dream or vision and won't it be great if one day we all do meet in heaven and have a great big group hug, free from PSP and all the other worries we have here on earth.

    I hope your mom and you, and the rest of your family are finding there is a good life after PSP.

    Thank you.


  • Thank you very much NannaB - it takes some time to get used to the routine :) - best wishes

  • Tears sprang to my eyes as well. Thank you for sharing that, Sammy. I'm really honored to be included in that beautiful dream.

  • Amen!

  • So cool Sammy, I do hope for the same outcome...You know those of us who strive for hope and peace will get it! Good to hear from you...Doing ok I hope, hows mom?


  • I am doing good, started a job again - Mom is doing better too, thank you - best wishes for your husband and family :)

  • Had a rough moment earlier, feeling low, and your vision, Sammy, came to my mind and somehow made me feel better. Very comforting, whether one believes or not! Thanks again for sharing it. Love and peace, ec

  • Thank you for your kind words, everyone :) - and thank you for the amazing support that you and everyone else on this forum has provided to caregivers and patients

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