I've found something I can't deal with!

Since my darling has been unable to do anything I have discovered there isn't much I can't do if I put my mind to it and check out the internet to see how. I've fitted a wash basin back on the wall, mended broken furniture, mended a toilet systern, decorated, got rid of live mice, dead rats, and wasps etc etc. But this morning I had to call for help. I came out of the bathroom wearing just a dressing gown and there was a horrendous noise coming from the bedroom which is now a dining room. There is no door on this room as it was removed to put an arm chair in it and it hasn't yet been replaced. As I peeped round the doorway I was dive bombed by something big and black. I screamed! It didn't get past me and when I'd composed myself a little bit, saw it was a magpie, now crashing against the closed window, missing the open one. It then flew towards me again and I ran and closed all the other doors upstairs and shut myself in my bedroom. I'd left my mobile phone in the bathroom. I have a landline by my bed but in my panic could only remember one phone number of someone who lived nearby. My friend's husband answered and said he would come round. I quickly got dressed. It had gone very quiet so I crept past the doorway, peeping in before running downstairs and opening the front door wide. The magpie was sitting on the back of a dining chair but was very still. D arrived and I could tell by his demeanour that he wasn't looking forward to this and thought he may be terrified as well. He walked slowly upstairs with me behind him and when he got to the door, stopped. He didn't say anything, just looked. I asked him what he thought we should do to catch it and he said, "Where is it?". It had gone. We crept into the room looking under the table, behind the curtains etc. No, it had definitely gone, D and probably me, looked very relieved and he said, no problem, call him anytime. When he left and I said thankyou, he said, " No problem, I'll go and finish my breakfast now before my art group in 10 minutes".

An interesting start to the day and I spent some time clearing up all the messages it had left me. I don't think the Uke group would want to sit on magpie poo.

Happy days!


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  • Oh dear birds in the house do make an awful mess but it's a good thing it wasn't a bear! How was the blueberry picking EC - uneventful I hope!

  • Oh dear! That sounds worse than a possum or a rampant rat! It was probably as scared as you were and just needed to catch its breath before finding its own way out through the window! Did it steal anything? They love bits of shiny things. Silver paper, diamonds, etc! Pleased you found some moral support - and some clothes!

    Now sit down! It must be wine o'clock again - even if the sun is barely over the yardarm!

    Hugs! Jen

    And mind what you do with the uke!

  • As it's a temporary dining room there isn't much in there apart from a large table and 12 chairs ( for Uke and wine groups). Friends turned up at 11 and had to take me as they found me.....no make up ( not that I wear much, just a bit of polifiller and a smidge of lipstick). They have just gone and I'm sitting down in a north facing room trying to cool down. C has the fan on him and is asleep. I have my drink beside me....cold water!

    Hope your day is going well.


  • Omg NannaB that would have freaked me right out!!

    I think as usual you've done amazingly well in getting the situation resolved!!

    Sending you a great big hug!!!!! X

  • It certainly freaked me out, Hitchcocks The Birds came to mind.


  • Bless your heart!!

    I'd need a couple of bottles of wine to myself after that lol x

  • Thanks for the little giggle, but I know the horror of wild birds in the room especially when still dripping from a shower. I hope the blood pressure has returned to normal. Had a few instances with jackdaws in M's room but open windows and closed doors seemed to work luckily our visitors were clean but I still Spring cleaned the room, M was not perturbed and tried to stroke it. Only horror was when a seagull walked into the kitchen through an open door now that was messy noisy and aggressive.

    Thanks for the story and hope the ukelle group was harmonious Tim

  • Tim, a seagull walked through the kitchen door?!! Do you live by the sea? Love seagulls but don't think I'll be inviting them over anytime soon-HA!

  • Oh no! I would not like seagulls in the kitchen. I may cope if they stayed on the floor but flying round would freak me out.

    Harmonious is probably not how I would describe the Uke group but we do gave fun and laugh a lot.


  • Bird in the house, how awful, but great to have someone to call on. If your Uke group were meeting up later, hope you had a good time. Love, Nanny857 xx

  • Friends of ours were sitting in their sitting room watching TV when they notice a little face looking at the rom the wood burning stove. The unfortunate squirrel made a dash for he chimney when they tried to coax him out. Think he may have come to a sticky end, poor hing. Hope the magpie survived. K xx

  • BBQd squirrel! The magpie escaped OK I presume.I still peeped in last night in case it had managed to hide himself away but it has definitely gone, thank goodness. Friends arrived yesterday morning for coffee and they laughed when I told them as last weekend they spent the night in a hotel in Eastbourne as there was an evening family party in that hotel. They arrived at 4 pm so decided to have a nap to get themselves energised for the evening. They awoke to a crash. A seagull had come into their room and was trying to take away the large packet of biscuits they had brought with them. It was too big but the gull had managed to push the cups and saucers off the table. It flew out of the window without the biscuits when my friends yelled at it. It was then they noticed the sign saying...do not open the windows. Seagulls will come in.


  • Nanna, you must have more aggressive seagulls over there! I have never heard of such things!


  • We went to Hove on Sunday to watch our grandson's in a show. I went early as I knew it was street parking so took sandwiches for me and C's PEG feed. There was a disabled space right outside the theatre so parked, got out my sandwiches and prepared C's feed. I then saw a notice on a lamp post a few feet away and went to check it in case I had to pay for parking. All other spaces were permit holders only. As I was reading the notice, still holding my sandwich, a seagull swooped to try and get it. If I wasn't up close to the lampost and the gull could have got in front of me, my lunch would have gone. I've had chips taken from my lap on Brighton and Eastbourne seafront. Many places prohibit feeding the gulls...you don't need to as they help themselves.


  • So weird I had a small finch come and greet me in my house a few weeks ago too...try getting a swirling bird back to it's own home when youre swirling yourself with vertigo! It finally found the open door where it realized his home was much better than this place and out he went!!!

    Sorry message is so late...I didnt even see this post till today ...I think it wasall while my computer was on the fritz


  • I can cope with tiny birds. It's great big flapping things I don't like. I saw Alfred Hitchcocks "The Birds" too many times.


  • such a scary movie...and not so far fetched as we well know....

  • Oh my god NannaB I am petrified of birds, a few weeks ago one flew in we we running around like people possessed, had to laugh after. Yvonne xxxxx

  • I can imagine. I coped with a baby wren and a Robin in the past but the magpie.....Ahhhhhhhh!

  • agree nanna b

    llll jill


  • Are Magpies large and aggressive like your seagulls?!!

  • No Goldcap, magpies are large crows but about half size of herring gull which is huge close up, with big hooked bill and nasty temper. The gull is beautiful floating on the wind, but close up is noisy and smelly. The gulls, though still close to the sea, are making most of people's waste and are curious so will fly or walk into houses if Windows or doors left open. We are on the north Wales coast in UK.


  • Ahhh.. I have been to the UK but not near the coast. Our gulls are aggressive in foraging for food but quite friendly. I'll pass on an introduction to you domestic Magpie! Now I know why Now I understand why Nanna was so upset! That and the surprize factor. As if we don't get enough with PSP. Thanks for the clarification.


  • They are big with long tails, white, black and shimmering blue. Quite beautiful but not liked by many as they rob other birds nests of eggs and baby birds. They also steal shiny things. Silver and gold rings have been found in their nests as well as ring pulls from drinks cans, keys, coins, anything shiny they can get hold of. I don't know if they have ever attacked humans. The one in our room flew towards my head but I was standing in the doorway so it was probably just trying to escape. I just don't like flapping round my head.


  • I think Someone thinks you have got too slick at sorting out problems and sent you a googlie , just to keep you on your toes! I hope you put your feet up with a coffee, ( and biscuit!) after you had cleaned up. X

  • I think you are right Robbo. Pride comes before a fall comes to mind. Showering yesterday morning I was thinking, yes I am coping, I'm going to be OK, whatever gets thrown at me, I can deal with it. Then I walked out of the bathroom and in a split second, all my confidence and pride went.

    I can laugh at it now though but don't want it repeated. I now have the windows open and curtains closed in that room.


  • A good idea.

    I drove into the garage congratulating myself at having had an automatic door put in to save me from getting in and out of the car. About fifteen minutes later, a relative called, ran into the closed garage door and we could no longer open it! Sod's Law, I believe it is called.X

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