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For the new people

I would like to suggest to the people to this sight please when you go to a doc do not tell them at first what you or your love one has just say PSP see if they know what it stands for be for they start giving you all kinds of pill and poke at you. If they do not and you have to tell them Progressive Supranuclar Palsy is what PSP stands for then EDUCATE them give them so material to read just dont let them push crap of you and know nothing about what it is that is going on with you or your loved one. Many doc do not know and will do all kinds of weird stuff to try to figure it out

Lots of hugs kryste

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So frustrating. I am sure you already have infor. but CurePSP has a whole kit of info for you and anyone you want to share it with.....


So true Kryste, when my brother started having more problems the eye Doctor did not know much had heard of PSP but that's about all. Until he saw another he knew has it all. Shows up in the eyes, a constant problem, like everything with PSP all I can say is what. A terrible disease, but we all know that already. Have a good day. Nettie


I would also like to point out that not every problem and infection is the progression of psp. This is what i have been told so many times over the last few weeks.


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