Extreme Tremers

Has anyone had any experience with extreme tremers? Jim will hold a cup to his lips for 10 to 15 minutes without drinking seemingly unable to get the fluid to his lips and then start shaking violently until I remove the cup from his lips and tell him to relax.Other times just sitting there and he starts shaking. Having more difficulty eating now and needs food pureed.

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  • Yes. Colin's hands sometimes shake uncontrollably but only for a few seconds. Like you, I reassure him and it stops. He also has days when one or other of his legs shake for a few seconds every hour but he can go for weeks without it happening.


  • B says his hand shakes. I've only seen it do it a few times and that is a very mild tremor at best. I don't doubt their limbs would shake as their brain tries to deliver msgs. to their muscles.

  • Tremors : yes we have experience with ! A product that seemed to help was "Parkinson's Disease" by TMC remedy (bought online www. hnmrc.net). For the cure of PSP the product was not benificial. After one day he took the product the tremors disappeared. Another product that helps is Diazepam (Valium) to relax the muscles. Food pureed : we went through that stage as well - a peg tube might be the next stage. We wish you a lot of strenghth to go through this period !

  • as John starts to switch off . I can see his face change , his checks sink in and yes close completely. he will then jump / jerk or shake . Myclonic jerks .

    if something really stresses him he will shake big time . luckily that s not often

  • G gets tremors in her legs, normally starting with the left leg, then when that's had enough the right one starts. We have a joke about it, if I talk to the leg and tell it to stop, it takes on a mind of its own and jerks even more. One way I was told to ease it by the Physio is to push down on the thigh, it will then ease but sometimes goes mad when I stop pushing it.

    Consultant out G on Pregablin 25mg 2-3 times a day, has helped a bit but not hugely.

  • My spouse is on puree foods also. He has these trimmers when he takes meds that his body cannot handle. He takes Adavan to calm him back down. Is your loved one on any pain meds that might cause him to react?

  • No pain meds. Warfarin, and anti reflux meds.

  • I priced the CBD at my local pharmacy. It was $600, and insurance would not pay for any of it. It is out of most American's ability to get or pay for, including mine. Unless my family wish to move to one of the states that sell it. Even so, it would be too expensive to buy.

  • The stuff I bought for my dad was £65 for 10ml. Should be enough for just shy of a month. If you're in the states try to find a producer and talk to them about your situation. Most of these ppl start out trying to help a loved one so try contacting them and see what they can do.

  • Who or what is ppl?

  • Sorry, people.

  • People, I think.

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