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Nicotine as a neuroprotectant

1. Extensive studies in parkinsonian animals show that nicotine protects against NIGROSTRIATIAL damage, findings that may explain the well-established decline in Parkinson’s disease incidence with tobacco use. In addition, recent work shows that nicotine reduces L-dopa-induced abnormal involuntary movements, a debilitating complication of L-dopa therapy for Parkinson’s disease. These combined observations suggest that nAChR stimulation may represent a useful treatment strategy for Parkinson’s disease for neuroprotection and symptomatic treatment.



2. Progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder involving motor and cognitive dysfunction. Currently, there is no effective treatment either for symptomatic relief or disease modification. This relates, in part, to a lack of knowledge of the underlying neurochemical abnormalities, including cholinergic receptor status in the BASAL GANGLIA.

Neuropathological hallmarks of PSP include neurofibrillar tangles, neuropil threads and tufted astrocytes which are found predominantly within the BASAL GANGLIA, midbrain, pontine reticular formations and to a lesser extent, the thalamus.6 The pathological inclusions comprise insoluble aggregates of four‐repeat τ phosphoprotein. The basal ganglia, in particular the STRIATUM (caudate and putamen) and its connections, are involved in motor and cognitive aspects of PSP.

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Thank you monkey, but as is stated PSP is not like Parkinsons and thus what positively (or negatively) affects the the one disorder shows little to no progress in the other.

It is good that you are keeping your sites open to all CBD's and subsequent chemical research.

Again, I like that you are open to cannabis. It needs to stop being a 'toy' and be used for more medical and mature uses.

We need to find something that balances the TAU protein back to an appropriate amount and to it's needed and proper usage.

Basalmic vineagar? Aloe Tea? Colonics? If there is a truth to the fecal infiltration, can it be detected by a blood analysis? I will continue to read.....

Your dad will need to learn what are good ways for him to pee. with poor balance control and the continual loss of executive function some of us are experiencing our mates losing control of the skill and how to solve their problem! The carer solves the problem but the patient wont do it.....Anxiety, frustration, not understanding what is going on with them, all leads to lack of appropriate response to new needs.

Keep Reading,

I think I will rename you MindovrPSP hahahah


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Have you noticed we seem to respond more aptly to the venting posts than we do the informing posts? Maybe we really don't want to learn how to better serve our mate...Maybe theory is not going to get the bathroom floor clean. I am as much a ventor than any one....I just happened to notice the number of replies to the venting posts as to the informative or even happy posts BIG difference!..........I better shut up I'll lose friends if they think im judging them....no judging just observation I promise....


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You are right AVB! My problem is I don't understand most of the research articles. But the bits I do, just makes me think, they don't understand ANYTHING about PSP, they haven't a clue what they are doing, looking in the totally wrong places. Therefore, they lose ALL credibility in my eyes! Some of these articles, they get even the basic facts wrong. Makes me wonder, if they have even met someone with the disease!!!

Lots of love



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