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Hi B has been leaning to the right while sitting in a chair ( slumped in his case) for a few months.But now his legs have started going to the right as well which is a nightmare when trying to transfer him. we have been using a rotor stand for transfers but it is now it is getting really dangerous as his legs give way he has fallen 4 times this week while transfering has anyone else had these problems. He has CBD.

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  • My husband leans to the right when some 'new' sign manifests with this disease. His left side is the weakest.

  • My husband started leaning to the right after his first significant falls which led to the PSP diagnosis in February. Sometimes it is worse than others. But for the most part he always leans. Now that you mentioned about it being worse after new or progressing symptoms, my husband does lean more on his bad days, which have been increasing sharply over the past month.

  • thanks for the replies you could be right B's left leg keeps rising off the floor when we try transfers.He also has stopped using his right hand/arm over the last week or so.he has started imagining that people from our past are in the room.

  • Hi Nellinoonoo,

    My husband has CBD and the same happening to him. We have been using a Rotastand for a few months now but have had the O Ts organise tracking hoists in the living room and bedroom,which are actually being fitted tomorrow.

    I knew that I would be needing them soon as the Rotastand has gotten harder and harder for Roy to use. sometimes he just doesn't understand what I am asking him to do and he has found it difficult of late to pull himself up.

    At least with the hoists, he won't have the difficulty of having to think what to do and hopefully it will be safer too.

    I would get onto the OT and get them the start organising hoists as it can take a few weeks........they have fast tracked them for Roy.

    Let me know how you get on and keep in touch

    Kind regards

    Denise x

  • Forgot to say ,Nellienoonoo, have also organised a new wheelchair through wheelchair services, which has lumber supports, legs that move, back that reclines, altogether more comfortable. the only drawback is that it is heavy to push. Have had to buy a power pack for it, although have since heard that you might be able to get your GP to refer you for a powered wheelchair if needed.

    The powerpack is going to be fitted today hopefully.

    Denise x

  • It could be that the time has come for the method of transfer to be reassessed by the OT. I had a hoist with a sling from the start, probably because I had managed through the stages when my wife had some use in her legs as she was quite light. In fact when I first saw the hoist, not dissimilar to those used in garages to remove engines from cars, I felt I'd rather have it's space than it's company. I was completely wrong, it enabled transfers with the minimum of discomfort to both myself and more importantly my wife. It happened at the time I started receiving help from Social Services where manual handling is, quite sensibly, tightly controlled. I only make this point because whereas there is no law protecting you against injury, an employer is duty bound to provide the necessary equipment to enable their employees duties to be performed safely. There are many types of sling available and there will be one to suit your circumstances, I had a toileting sling and a mobile commode that straddled the toilet, and the combination worked very well.

    I hope you soon find a solution that works for you, I was fortunate in that everything is on one level downstairs.

    Kind regards, Jerry

  • When my husband has a hard time walking he also leans to the right. If I don't hold him upright, he will fall over. Currently he can't use his left hand very well. Has no strength in it and sometimes he can't get his hand open. It hurts him all the time. His left foot turns in a little and the left side of his mouth doesn't work as well as the right. His Neuro suggested he might have a combination of both PSP/CBD. Not sure if this is a result of a combination of both diseases or if it the PSP affecting on side more than the other. Thankfully at the moment the leaning to the right is not all the time.


  • Hi my wife favours her left side but can still stand, with assistance, but mobility very restricted often gluing her left foot and trying to double step on her right, causing me bracing her and myself to stop a fall thus hurting my back. Not CBD but PSP symptom of slow nerve signals from brain. If he can stand holding a bar and use a perching stool, ask for information of a "Sara Stedy" Google it for picture. Had one for week now and certainly my back better and though M a bit tentative she seems to be getting used to it. A turntable was no use for M as her balance went very early. Best wishes Tim

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