My Baby!!!

My Baby!!!

Hi, sorry photo upside down, for some reason, it's just done this!!! Anyway, survived the first 24 hours! No mishaps. He is very quiet, sleeps a lot, still seems very timid, no doubt that will change. Each time he wakes, we see a bit more of his personality! Ollie, is still very wary of S and his walker, hid in his crate the first time, but is now venturing out to sniff the wheels. I expect by tomorrow, he will be chasing S and barking at the walker, not that I have heard him bark yet! As schnauzer's are a yappy breed, I will enjoy the peace while it lasts!!!

I know life will not always be as easy as today, but the joy he has bought into our house is beautiful. My day off today, for once I didn't worry about what to do! OK, the diary is now, hospital visits and vet appointments (ouch!). When there will be me time? I have no idea, Don't even care at the moment.

Lots of love


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  • Oh Heady he is so lovely, bring so much unconditional love Yvonne xxxxxx

  • Is this an Australian dog ?

  • good joke that georgepa

    i wonder why i don't rant much on the site= - is it cos we are all online but havent met up and therefore don't really "know each other' ,not in the biblical sense you understand or what?

    i have had a few and night s with not getting to the bathroom on time and have had to change my pad s a couple o f times when it has been dark and dismal each night

    how do i cope when i become completel y incontinent (both bladde rand bowel)?

    lol JIll


  • ha! Took me a minute.

  • Just testing!!!

    Lots of love


  • He is so cute. I expect he cheered you up after the bank incident didn't he. It will be good when you can use your me time to go for walks with him.



  • How cute is he, had to rub his nose in any puddles yet? Xx

  • How wonderful i wish i had the courage to get a fur baby to hug and love and focus on. Janexx

  • you can get these dogs which are not real but who breathe i got one for ng dad for his birthday a couple of years ago - they cost about ¢25 on the internet - i cant remember the name of the site btu they are quite, lifelike and they can be cuddled without any probs,.

    ;lol jill


  • Oh doggy cute , even if he DOES like to sleep on the ceiling.... hahah ...Our dog has always maintained a healthy distance from the walker....I think cuz the guy in it usually falls over with a resounding crash....hey living on the ceiling may prove a little less scary for the pup! ooh watch the peepee and stuff! hahhaha...just jokin

    Have fun!!!!you will!!!


  • hiAVB/ heady

    Yes it is cute but i prefer ~CATS and always willLOL JILL


  • I've had both could never get ahead of the cat fur...and they seemed to always crave affection when you are sleeping....nice that they were independent enough for a box....My cat actually jumped up on lanai, opened screen and walked in and or she she pottied outside. Good mouser. This dog is indoor outdoor dog. and I suppose Im glad we have it....I think I like the fish in my pond the best...they really don't need me! hahahaha


  • He's beautiful. I love our two dogs, one a cocker and one a chihuahua. I talk to them a lot. It does help. You can be truly honest with them and they keep good secrets!

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