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Mum's birthday

Mum's birthday will soon be upon us and its another of the occasions that can bring into focus what has happened in what seems such a short period of time.

The last birthday I had with Mum was a couple of years ago when I think that PSP was starting to take it's grip although not diagnosed - in fact we had been told Mum was suffering from depression but Mum was certainly able bodied, able to come out for tea and cake and very different from how she is now.

So.....we have to do things differently, the first challenge is the present. I have had years of great enjoyment (for which I'm hugely grateful) finding lovely presents for my Mum - creative things, little treasures, jewels & nail varnishes good books etc.. Mum always put HUGE thought into buying presents so it's always delighted me to do the same for her, we both got so much enjoyment from it.

I do admit to finding it it very difficult now as so much Mum is unable to use/enjoy and then there's the brutal honesty where she unwraps something and tells you a) she doesn't like it or b) she's already got one and as much as I know its the illness I find it hard!

However, I'm feeling very pleased with myself as I have found a "grown up" colouring book. It's a book used for art therapy with large patterns to colour in and I'm really really hoping she might be able to do it and even better, something we could do together? I'm also prepared for her to take one look at it and put it to one side without comment but we'll give it a go!

I'll still be buying the nail varnishes, chocolates and other goodies and will make her a birthday cake as well but if any of you have any other ideas of thoughtful presents that can help/be enjoyed by a PSP sufferer,I'd love to hear them as I also have other friends asking me for ideas for Mum too.

I will be with her on her birthday, I hope to make her laugh, give her lots of cuddles and maybe Dad and I can take her for a picnic (Dad if you're reading this NOT up on Dartmoor in the rain as per 1978!)

Whatever the day holds, she will be surrounded by love and that surely is the best gift of all.

Kate x

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Oh you sound like a very sweet considerate person....You keep being you and don't let PSP take that away!

gifts are indeed hard.Mostly I get things of necessity. A tv mounted on the wall where B can easily watch.... books on tape he loves to "read". library has lots of Playaways. (a machine smaller than a pack of cigs. runs on batteries and has one book that is read by author or an actor...not animated voice but soothing voice.) and of course the gym...he used to work out with free wts. but now he is on machines...we tried a new machine to work on obliques and he fell right off the thing yesterday hahahahah

Doubt your mom would want to do that but you might do exercises with her.... just easy the chair

and for you and dad get some icecream and fixins (as we say in Arkansas) and have some fun!

Good day and God speed,


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I'm sure the best present you can give your mum is your presence. Knowing you love her and are there to her is all she needs really.....but I'm sure she will like the nail varnish etc.

Don't forget it's Fathers Day soon as well.

Have a good time with your parents.



HI Kate

i agree with nanna b aboce\the best gift you can give your mum si love

lol jill



Have a lovely day despite whether she likes her present or not! X


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