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First day at Adult Daycare

Hi everyone.....I have been so busy, finally moved in with mom and dad to help out with his care. It has been very tough,he has declined so much. I had to place him in adult daycare for two days a week to give my poor mom a break while I am at work. Well his first day he came back home hunched over in his wheelchair so exhausted and looked soo depressed. I called the daycare to see if he was put down for nap and was told no. My poor father was hauched over in his wheelchair for 8 hours. I was so mad and asked if they read the communication book I had sent with him, I got sorry we didn't,t see it. He had same amount of pull-up briefs in his bag which tells me he didn't,t get changed as he is unable to communicate his needs. I am so fustrated but it was the first day and they are not that familiar with him. I will see how it goes tomorrow plus I will make a suprise visit. All I am asking them for is to keep him safe and comfortable. Is that to much to ask for,especially since he is a private paying client not that it should matter. Sorry for going on but I needed to vent. Thanks to all

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I'm very sorry to hear of your father's unhappy experience. So hard to see your father depressed and uncomfortable. I have concerns myself about having my partner go to a day program. i hope the daycare will improve with your involvement. Your parents are lucky to have you. Good luck. Easterncedar


That is an absolute disgrace. The horrible thing is that if they are treating your Dad like that they will be doing the same to other people who have nobody to speak up for them. Good idea to make the surprise visit.

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Gosh, that's truly awful :( How are things going at the adult daycare now? Did you drop in unannounced the next day?


Hi everyone...... My dad is doing wonderful at his Adult Daycare. I did do a surprise visit and found that the staff were very supportive and caring. My niece also did a surprise visit the following week and was very pleased with the staff and facility which meant a lot since she is a social worker with Elder services and has seen a lot of facillties. I think the first day was very tiring to him but now he has adjusted and is doing well and comes home smiling at times which melts my heart. Mom seems less stressed which makes me happy. I hope it continues cause it was tough for awhile. Best wishes to all, hope you all are doing well.


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