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I did it!

Hi everyone,

Well I actually managed to go out and get that long awaited haircut and am now sitting in the sunshine waiting for Keith to come home whilst enjoying a tipple! I have worried about him though and have really missed him, I'm not me without him, we come as a pair not one without the other, it's really strange but I suppose it will get a little easier with time. I do admit I feel slightly recharged and ready to face the rest of the day, I hope he's been alright and enjoyed it though, I will hear all about it soon!

Love to you all....Pat

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Well done you! Thursday could now be the opportunity to do things without Keith. I took up water colour painting and go to a class twice a month when Colin is at the hospice. I hadn't painted since school and I was no good then. I've met new people and have made some good friends, all of whom have now met Colin. I try to eat out on a Friday as Colin has a cooked meal. I sometimes ask friends to join me and now they sometimes ask me but I plucked up courage and ate alone for the first time. Now I do it regularly and it is so nice to have a meal cooked for me, eat it without interruptions and walk away without having to wash up. The first time was a bit daunting but now I look forward to it. I don't walk into posh restaurents but go to garden centres, national trust properties or stores with restaurents.

I do hope Keith has had a good time but it's all new for him as well. When I asked Colin if he enjoyed it he answered, " I went for you". I did feel terrible but needed the break. Colin went for 12 weeks initially and then had a 12 week break. After the break I thought he wouldn't want to go again but when someone came to see us to invite him back he said he was looking forward to it.

Summer is on the way, enjoy your sunny Thursdays.



NannaB Keith says similar things to me, he only does it for me and it makes you feel worse doesn't it?

Love Pat....xx


Oh yes, it does.



Pat, bravo!!! I am so pleased for you. I bet you feel a million dollars, though I am guessing that Keith did not notice you have had your hair done!!! Hey ho!

It's good that you missed him, sad world if you didn't!!! Hope you both appreciated being back together. Nothing like being apart, to know where you want to be. But that doesn't mean we HAVE to be together 24/7!!!! Our world now, all the rules have been changed, we have to, need to be apart from each other, every now and again, just to remember what life is about! So what are your plans for next week?

Lots of love



Hi again Heady, he won't actually be going next week as a member of the Royal Family is visiting the hospice, but he will go the week after. I think I will probably meet up with one of my friends and go for lunch that week!

We also had a visit from a man from another hospice yesterday and he is coming next Monday for three hours, he says he will take Keith out for a walk if the weathers nice, although believe it or not snow has been forecast at the beginning of May, we live high above sea level and have very strange weather! On that day I am meeting up with my mum and sister for lunch so that will be something to look forward to!

After all this excitement today I feel shattered and am going for a long soak and an early(ish) night!

Speak again soon, take care....

Love....Pat xx


P.S. Strangely enough the first thing Keith noticed was my hair so that was nice!....xx


Well Done Keith!!!


I found it hard at first but now look forward the break. Life as a carer is so intense 24/7. I usually meet friends for lunch. Sometimes just enjoy being on my own.Fortunately Chris loves going and they all fuss over him. A win/win situation !

love. Jean


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