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Well turns out I am not the Clever Kidnap Caper I once was as soon as I walked in they said she is not going home she has to go to a rehablition place because they had to put a stint in her to feed the staff it seems its now in her saliva , I thought to my self well does'nt the nose run down , Maybe I am wrong But the best thing for everyone was to just put some tape on my mouth and keep it there till I got out side, so I ran over to the place they want to send her and hell I would like to live there I think it will be good for her to be around someone else besides me I asked them to please put her in a room with someone that plays scrabble and keep her moving not laying down in a bed I will know more tomarrow , I want to get back to the hospital early so I can get her all dolled up in case there is a sweet young man who just needs company OH YEA!!!

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Hi Kryste

I love your way of doing things. Keep going.

All the best, maddy


Sounds like she is going to be in the best place - good luck . Georgepa


I wonder what they will be doing for her, that can't be done at home? I wonder what Aunt Bev wants. It seems to me that rehabilitation is not a realistic option. Her condition is progressive and her time is precious. This happened to my mum on several occasions. The first time it happened I told the authorities I wanted to move in to her house to nurse her, but the UK social services discouraged me & sent her to a "rehabilitation" hospital where she stayed for four weeks for "observation" during that time she had 16 falls. I am sorry to be so pessimistic, it would be great if there was somewhere that was safe and stimulating for PSP patients, but I don't think there is. "Care" homes in the UK are good at looking the part, but the care that is given is provided by overworked, underpaid, unqualified staff that have little or no understanding of PSP, and are likely to attend to their more vocal patients, leaving the PSP patient alone in her chair. Aunt Bev is one of the lucky ones, she has you looking out for her. I have more confidence in your ability to maximise her quality of life, that's all that matters now.


Good for you, kryste, for taking such care. There are some excellent rehab places here on the other coast, so if it looks fine to you, it may be just what your Aunt Bev needs. staph is nothing to try to deal with at home. Good luck, Easterncedar


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