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New diagnosis

Welcome Nanothe west,hear hear to all replies.Yesterday my hot water and central heating failed,Mediquip brought more things and the lovely physio came everyone came to help but Des just wanted to hide under the douvet When I struggle to get things working he is so frustrated I should know to take the boiler base off and fiddle with the water inlet on my hands and knees inside the airing cupboard.PSPA do an information card I have given to Opticians paramedics the dentist even the priest they will send you some i am sure.I am a Grandma of the west!Love to you both.

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Hi Loppylugs, hope you have the boiler working now. To be without hot water and heating must be a nightmare. I know how you must be feeling. It is so hard to take these annoying added pressures in our lives. I try very hard not to show my frustrations when this sort of thing happens. (Failed badly every Time!!!) because like your husband, mine gets distressed, can't show it, normally comes out as him telling me to sshhh! Yes, you are right - Red rag to a bull!!!

Oh well, another Joy of PSP! You will get through this one, like you do the rest!

Keep smiling!

Lots of love


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Hi lobbylugs 5, thank you for your kind welcome and advice, we have had the info pack and I'm sure that info card will come in very useful. I do hope your boiler is ok now, yes, it's amazing the things I tackle now that I would never have contemplated doing when hubby was able. That is one of the sad things for him, having to let me do everything. I'm so glad I found this friendly site :)

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Those cards from PSPA are excellent to give to people. The card explains exactly what PSP is and how devastating it is. We need to give these out and place them in local places so the word on PSP gets out more. Thanks PSPA for creating these cards. Jimbo


Yes Jimbo so awful to tell people what is wrong and they do not know what to say and we are upset.Perhaps next year a Christmas card could repeat the explanation on the back of the Christmas card?


` a good idea loppylugs 5

a christmas card with an explanation on the back would be a great idea]

lol JIll

smile f or th eday



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