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Sweating and coldness in psp

Hi.. My dad was admitted to the hospital a month ago and we had to insert the tube for feeding. Post that he has been having spells where he gets very sweaty on his head and hands and his body becomes cold. We checked his sugar and it was normal and all other blood reports are normal. The bp sometimes is a bit low. Any idea what it could be and if anyone else had such experiences?

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Your dad has had tests to exclude the usual things (including infections I suppose, and medications).

PSP and particularly MSA can causes damage to the autonomic system and sometimes to the hypothalamus. Both are connected with body temperature regulation. Not all sufferers with PSP have this symptom, but may have other autonomic system problems like orthostatic hypotension (low blood pressure), and some have high blood pressure.

My wife has PSP and has thermoregulatory problems. Sweating with hot face and cold legs and hot feet!

Hope this helps.



Thank you so much...


Yes we did rule out infections and medicines..


My husband has much the same . Before the diagnosis of Parkinsons I use to tell me husband what a good thermostat he had . Was neither too hot or too cold ever .

So much different now , once cold has trouble getting warm again , in fact this morning O have warmed a wheat bag and placed around him . in the next breat he can be too hot .

Of course being so immobile doesn't help .

Strelly do you think this is partly the cause of skin problems , the greasy dryness.

I will often just cleanse my husband face and neck during the day and it seems to keep it under control


Hi cabbagecottage

The heat and cold receptors in the skin are eventually connected (by complex pathways) to the hypothalamus (which, as I mentioned above, is often damaged in PSP). If the body's core temperature is not regulated properly then hyperthermia may occur where the skin is hot and dry (the inability to cool the body through perspiration). Perhaps this type of problem is partly responsible for the "greasy dryness" you describe, although I'm not really sure.




It so complex isn't it . Needs lots of detective work . and determination , not for the faint hearted is it .


i have a v dry spotty face now with this PSP i think--it is like being an adolescent again with spots!

and can be hot and cold too - any links

lol jill



My dad has only having coldness.. But as he doesn't communicate we don't know what he feels! We only make guesses.. And maybe we r doing exactly opposite what he wants us to do! He might be just cursing us for thinking we are taking care of him


yes, my husband had sweating and cold all of the time. Very usual I guess for PSP. But a problem. He doesn't notice it, but often complains about being cold then too hot then too cold etc.


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Thank you all so much for sharing. Was really worried if something was terribly wrong with what we were feeding him...


How long he is affected with PSP ? My mother has been affected with PSP since last 18 months.


My dad was diagnosed in 2010 but I think the symptoms had begun mid 2009 in the hindsight


Tony's BP was always a bit low - seemed normal for him.

He was always a "hot bod" not feeling the cold, and that didn't seem to change.



Hi my mom also tends to sweat a lot on her head and feet and legs are cold. It is all a part of this damn disease PSP. In fact my mother also had to get a feeding tube two weeks ago and her speech is neglible so it really does get hard to understand what she wants.

you are trying to do your best and just show your dad that you care and love him. Take care and God bess


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