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Comment from our physio


Hi all, S having a bad time at the moment. Fallen in the shower and may have cracked his hip. Hey ho, another wonderful day in the life of PSP. The physio who has being doing some brilliant work with him did come up with a comment that I thought needed to be shared!

We are in South Africa at present and winter is showing it's ugly face, i.e. Dull, cloudy, raining, cold etc., etc. one day, bright and warm the next. Physio said a brain with PSP may have difficulty in computing the changes in light, temperature etc, she thinks that's why S has fallen a few times in the last few days. So conclusion for today, be prepared when the weather suddenly changes from bright to dull, or even the other way around and change in temperature. Don't know if she is right, but it certainly makes sense! I will be keeping watch from now on! S was in great shape a few days after arriving here, from dark and dismal England, but now the light is changing, he is slipping again.

So can someone, pretty please, find a huge ark, so all PSP sufferers can chase the sun all year around!!!

Love Heady

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Hi Heady,

I don't normally reply on here but I always read the posts,some are so helpful .

now you have said that,it made me think...Terry my hubby who suffers with PSP and I Were discussing how is balance is much worse in the dark and how he always feels the cold.So maybe there is truth in what she says.

Heady in reply to LindanTerry

Hi Lindanterry,

Well, it's certainly going to make me more aware, when the weather is a bit iffy! And make sure the lights are on and the heating is up a couple more degrees.

Glad you are finding this site useful, I don't what I would do without now!

Love Heady

I have PSP - parkinsonism & I have a thermoregulatory problem with it & its getting cooler here in Perth. W A Government pay me an allowance to keep the air con going in summer & some heating in winter. Although today has been fine & some warmth it just got much cooler @ 6 pm Pacific time - can drop by 10 C so I have come up to my computer to see if any messages + put on a cardigan. Check this thermoregulatory out as it does make a difference to me. Cheers Mary Tea13

i hate the dark and my balance is much worse in the darker days but when th elight is better I also fall over

so whe reis the sens e in that??

psp is a bugger

for sure

lo Jill


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