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Hi my husband was diagnose with psp in aug 2013 but suspected about 2 years he was In hospital for a month with infection it seemed travel

Through his body as chest kidneys and bladder was affected we nearly lost him now since he has come home he has lost his speech his speech was slurred a bit could the weakness of the infection have caused this as his psp seems to have accelerated can anyone share their experience thanks Kris1983

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PSP does indeed have a huge impact on recovery from any sort of infection. It seems to knock down the PSP sufferer a lot more than the average person. Whenever dad got any infection throughout the course of his time with PSP he took a lot longer to recover and when he did his PSP seemed have accelerated in my eyes. It was definitely the case.

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Hi Kris -

Yes, any infection (or even stress) seemed to knock Tony down, then he'd be stable a bit until the next thing.

Hopefully as your husband settles to being at home again he will gradually show some improvement.



i have psp and have coped well so far iwht any infections i have had (including breast cancer 15 months ago)

but everyone is different with this psp i know that

lol jill



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