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some days my husband goes into what I can only describe as "dementia mode"

He will not wash or dress - although this applies to most days

but I can usually persuade him in the end - but his "dementia" is different, his behaviour is repetitive, he wants to be taken to the bathroom about 20 times a day or he just sits or

slumps in the chair. He is aggressive towards me whenever I try to help him. On most all other days he sleeps. Is any one else like this?


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My husband's "dementia mode" is only hours, not days. One night he was crowding me out of bed and I asked him to move over. For the next few hours he just kept repeating in a very loud voice (for him) "I need more space." "I need more space." "I need more space." Another time when he was sitting in his recliner, his phrase was "I need to go." But he didn't know where he wanted to go (not to the bathroom) I must say it is very unsettling when these types of things happen. I wonder "where" he is. Usually his mind, if not his body, is with it!


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