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Hi everyone

I had a race night planned for this Friday but for some reason no matter what I have done on this one it has been difficult to get people to buy into it, possibly because of Christmas. Unfortunately, therefore I have had to cancel but my family will be getting together on Friday night to remember Pops who died of this horrible condition and to do the Raffle Prize Draw.

I am also still plugging the CD with the song written to support the PSP

If you or your family would like to buy any raffle tickets or the song please go to the website we have set up, where it will tell you how to buy them them or alternatively just send me a message and I'll sort something out for you

Sorry, I feel a bit of a failure on this one, but I will do everything I can to try to continue to support the PSPA

My thoughts are with everyone as always.

Lesley x

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  • hi lesley

    jAN is a bad month for people doign anythign

    so do nto feel bad that the race meetin had to eb cancelled

    u r great to be thinkign of thes e events in memory of yoru dad

    love jill

    ps i am moving to a ground flo rflat where e i live now iwth my partner ian hopeyflullyh at beg of feb

    and when/ if we have a house warmign i shall donate to psp

    love jill an d a;-)

  • Aw thank you Jill Ann. I hope you have a lovely house warming.

    Take care of youself

    Lesley x

  • shoul d be :-)

  • Hi Lesley,

    Don't beat yourself up over this :-( I'm sure it's because people are a bit hard up in Jan!!

    Thank you so much for all your efforts!

    Hope the New Year gets better and better for you

    love Kathy xxx

  • Thanks Kathy

    I'll pcik myself up and keep motoring on. Thanks for your kind words

    Lesley x

  • Hi Lesley

    Fundraising is a tough business! My husband and I did a dog sledding trip around Northern Sweden back in 2007 which was organised by The PSP Association - we had a lot of support back then but since then not quite so much on the raising money front! Keep going though, if we all keep at it we will make sure that PSP is talked about more and more money and awareness is raised. I'm a big tweeter so will put a link to your website on Twitter and Facebook...hope that helps.


    Amy xxx

  • Thanks ever so much Amy. Thanks for your kind words and support it is much appreciated. As you say we will all keep at it and try to get PSP talked about more.

    Take care and thank you once again for your kindness

    Lesley x

  • Fundraising is hard work! I do think all charities are struggling to get events these days. You should def not be feeling bad about it- you do lots!

  • Thanks Fiona, I'll keep pushing on. Hope you are ok.


    Lesley x

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