Study participation scheduled

We received notice today that our annual participation in a study of PSP and PD is scheduled for late August. A very, very LONG MRI and other things while in MRI tube. They pay mileage, food, overnight at Hilton hotel, and $100 to boot. We go each year for this study. Don't know when it ends, what it will find, or if it will help with PSP. Stay tuned.


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  • I would be very interested to know the intent of this study. Am I asking too much if when you go in August, you might ask for a copy of their research protocol and objectives?

    All the best.

  • Strelley, email me at and remind me to let you know after our visit end of August.


  • Thanks Jimbo

    I've made a note of your email!

  • hi jimbo that sounds interesting mate will stay tuned i would be very interested in the outcome of this well jim youve got a good hotel and a bit of pocket money which is very good lets hope it gives results how is sharon is sher doing ok !!!! i hope so give her my regards peter jones queensland australia psp suffrerer

  • Sharyn so-so not as bad as many on this sight.


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