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Help Heterosexual Urologists get LGBTQ savvy - what should they read, watch and listen to

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There are lots of LGBTQ cultural literacy courses for heterosexual doctors, but none of them include the day to day media of LGBTQ life. I will create and distribute a list of movies (mainstream and porn), music, art, newspapers/magazines, books and podcasts to raise LGBTQ understanding for heterosexual urologists, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, nurses and others. Please suggest what I should include in the list. (Thanks in advance)

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The Velvet Rage by Alan Downs, or at least this article about it:

And these articles, including yours:

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gay literature:

"The Swimming Pool Library" -- Alan Hollinghurst

"The Beauty of Men" -- Andrew Holleran

relevant non-fiction:

"Not Gay: Sex Between Straight White Men" -- Jane Ward

"Gay & Bisexual Men Living With Prostate Cancer: From Diagnosis to Recovery" -- Jane Ussher; Janette Perz; B.R. Simon Rosser

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Suggest you contact Dr. Matthew Schabath at U. of S. FL who has prepared a training course for Oncologists on LGBTQ+ Community (pre and post training data as well). He has also done some work on collection of SOGI data. We are currently looking how this may be modified and used for research personnel in Oncology Clinical Studies.

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Thanks for mentioning Dr Schabath. I will be meeting him.

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I would include some profiles from Grindr and the BBRT (bareback real time) for them to get a graphic sense of the sex gay men are seeking.

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