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Detached retina and orgasm


I have a, I really do. He isn’t on this site. He had a detached retina repair. Doctor said orgasm could cause a reoccurrence. Is this an issue? Anyone?

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I'll take two of those orgasms, please.

GeejayMN in reply to Tall_Allen

I was hoping you would respond Allen. No concerns?

Tall_Allen in reply to GeejayMN

Idk - I was just being a smartass. I never heard of orgasms detaching a retina but I really don't know anything about it. I know next to nothing about ophthalmology. I'm much better with questions about prostate cancer.

I've had a retinal bleed that flooded the vitreous humor with blood, it was associated with a sneeze. That's no proof, but I've also had a few orgasms in the last 70+ years, so from experience I find that idea quite plausible. There are a few "bodily happenings" which in their stronger occurrences do a whole body take-over very like a mind-blowing orgasm. (Methinks the guy who came up with that adjective knew precisely what he was talking about.) Violent sneezing, coughing, vomiting, etc. can cause spasming of the vagal nerve which affects everything from stomach to brain and every system attached thereto. The details are gross ... just let your imagination go. It's easy for me to imagine enough energy getting to the eye to cause a retinal problem. -- There are sneezes when a pollen tickles your nasal folds, and coughs on popcorn; I'm not talking about them. Orgasms also exhibit a variance in intensity, eh??

there are a few articles on line, like this:

so what they used to tell us " you'll go blind if you continue doing that " is true !!!and I guess the term " fucking you eyes out " is also true !!!

sorry - this just touched my idiot sophomoric nerve and I couldn't resist -

Best to you all - really

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