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Searching gay friendly urologist


I am searching for a urologist in NYC. My urologist for over 20 years has closed his practice without any advance notice. I would prefer a gay or at least a gay-friendly urologist. Can someone recommend one to me? Thanks!

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Yes, I have 2 in NYC and happy to share. Is there a way we can talk or message privately?

DarrylAdministrator in reply to JDP13

Click on the persons username and then send a direct message

I hope you don't mind me asking in your thread here is anyone knows of the same in Boston, MA area? Bad vibes from my current one.

Dr. Lemer. He has two offices in Manhattan


Please email darryl at or direct message me right now if you want to join tonights virutal/ZOOM gay men and prostate cancer support group occuring monday, tonight, at 6PM New York time.

I am 72 y/o GL 6 PSA 4.99

Recently switched doctors to William C Huang @NYU Langone

He explains everything well and answers all questions. Good bedside manner. Went to him for second opinion after my urologist of many years recommended Cyberknife. Dr. Huang put me on AS with PSA in 6 months and another biopsy in 1 year. To my thinking NYU offers the best healthcare in NYC. Good luck to you

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