Prostate Cancer And Gay Men
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Any guys out there who have tested positive for the BRCA 1 OR BRAC 2 gene mutation? I understand that the BRCA 2 gene especially suggests a strong link between prostate cancer and breast cancer. Male breast cancer is obviously very rare, but apparently not so unusual with this genetic component. And this also suggests a higher probability of having prostate cancer at some point. I have a friend in this situation who is interested in getting involved in a study or connecting with a doctor or geneticist who really understands the implications and best treatment if this combination of factors might suggest one plan over another.

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been wondering about this myself--so I'll post here so I'm notified of any answers


I have been told that the Basser Center in Philadelphia is the place to go for genetic testing. Also that NYU Langone is conducting more research on the BRAC2 gene mutation and apparent connection to prostate and breast cancer. Also that NYU Langone in NYC is expanding their genetic research. I have heard from other prostate cancer patients that they are being advised to have genetic testing and several have tested positive for the BRCA 2 gene. It is my impression that this is an area that is getting more attention where it has been generally under studied.


I tested for BRCA mutation initially post diagnosis. Results were negative. However 3 yrs later tested positive when biopsied for prequalification for Lynparza meds. Cancer mutated.

If you test positive you should consult with your onc re: Lynparza. PARP inhibitor.


Here's some info on an inexpensive test ($249) that covers 30 genetic mutations of DNA repair genes. Most guys will learn nothing useful, but for 1 in 8 guys with metastases, it could change his therapy:


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