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Prostate Cancer And Gay Men
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16 months out

Had RP in September2016, partial nerve sparing. I was very encouraged by the fact that I was off of pads by December and had high hopes for ED recovery. Still working on it. One particular problem though. Bladder control is 99.9% except when aroused. When things start to heat up, I start to dribble. You can imagine, it's the worst possible time. I've been noticing occasional nocturnal erections for about three months and they don't cause any leakage. They're also far better than the ones I can get with sexual arousal. I do use Trimix injections for sex (and between opportunities just to keep things exercised). I also leak using the Trimix and sometimes actually appear to ejaculate urine. Has anyone had similar experience? Any information available? Is there a physiological difference between involuntary nocturnal erections and those precipitated by arousal?

I see my rehab urologist in about 6 weeks.

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I am far removed from my trimix days. but I just want to say hooray for erections! Be well.


It's very common, and it even has a name - climacturia. Some hints i've picked up from guys dealing with it are:

• Restricting fluids for a few hours before sex, especially coffee, tea, Coke, alcohol and fruit juices

• peeing before sex (sit down and rock around or in the shower - whatever it takes to fully empty the bladder)

• a constriction band around the base of the penis (also helps maintain erection)

• lay down on your back and don't change position

• use a condom

• get rubber sheets, and just enjoy water sports

Unfortunately, I suspect that ED meds (like Cialis) may make it worse.

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