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Denosumab side effects

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I was diagnosed with PC in December 2020 (Gleeson 4+3). After PSMA PET scan found it has metasticised to pelvis, ribs, skull. I am taking Aberaterone and prednisol, plus 3 monthly Prostap injection. I also have a form of blood cancer so take a chemo capsule daily.

The medication seems to be working as PSA score has gone from 10 to >0.2.

My Oncologist wants to start me on Denosumab injections, bi-monthly, to strengthen my bones. I am reading the side effects which all sound pretty horrible, including brittle and broken bones (which seems counter intuitive!).

I am sure that many people take this and I would welcome feedback on what it is like and any effects?

Thank you


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Before starting on denosumab, I suggest you get a DEXA scan first and obtain a FRAX score (below)

No point taking it until you need it. It is advised for mCRPC, but its use while still hormone sensitive is controversial.

Many thanks for your advice. I will arrange a DEXA scan.

I hope you know how much your responses help us all


I have been taking xgeva (Denosumab) for four years with no side effects.

Manythanks. Helpful

If you do decide to start Xgeva, be sure to visit your dentist to get all dental 'work' done.Also consider that bone strengthening exercises are an excellent option to prevent the side effects of denosumab.

I second Tall Allen's post that you need to get a DEXA scan to see if you really need to add denosumab to your prescription list.

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Stephen399b in reply to NotDFL

Thank you. Good idea about the exercises.

Both Tall_Allan's and NotDFL's advice are excellent. I'm heading into my 2nd year of Xgeva -- monthly injections. For me chronic fatigue is the main side effect but it is manageable. Exercising -- cycling, swimming and walking -- ironically helps fight it. It does work. I broke a collar bone in a bike accident and it healed fine.

Thank you. This all helps. Fatigue is a problem already, so this concerns me.


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