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I have an appt with Dr. Kamrava

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at the end of this month, just for a consultation because I want another opinion.

I'm 18 months post HDR Brachytherapy (monotherapy) and my PSA is currently sitting at 0.4.

He's of course going to look at all my medical records and give his opinion, but is there anything in specific I should be asking at this point?


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Why are you consulting with him now if you've already had treatment? 0.4 is wonderful!

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ocman in reply to Tall_Allen

The main reason is I want him to follow me from now on. I'm not sure if there's anything else that I could be doing that I'm not.

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Tall_Allen in reply to ocman

Frankly, there's very little role for an RO after radiation. If you have urological issues you would see a urologist.

Do you feel like your PSA is too high? If so, what do you base that on? I wonder if there is a list of medical oncologists that we should consider as the best to consult after we have had radiation

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ocman in reply to Anomalous

I don't think my PSA is to high, but would like to see it at 0.2 or lower. A list of MO's would be great.

Hi. I too had Brachytherapy. The one thing I would request is a PET scan if they haven't done one yet. My PSA is similar to yours and has been for years. As long as your PSA is not creeping upward, I would say hold the course. Hormonal therapy?

Together Strong!

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ocman in reply to JamnJ

I should've had a PET scan before radiation, but it's a little late for that now.

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JamnJ in reply to ocman

I've had a PET scan every year since they found metastasis, only way to monitor new lesions. PSA holding steady on Zytiga nad Elegard but yet new lesions found on each scan.

Some of the above comments make no sense as it appears that metastasis has not shown its ugly head. Tall Allen has given you good advice. Be happy that you don't need to see a medical oncologist. All you need to do is watch your PSA at the recommended intervals. Please note that there could be a bounce at some point. Alarms should go off when your PSA goes above nadir + 2.

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