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How long do you wait for a response?

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Emailed and mailed my radiologist. No response after 10 days.

Called and left a message as well. Supposed to be an NCI cancer center.

How long would you wait to change doctors?

I am in SoCal so very easy to go to another NCI cancer center.

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If you actually mean a radiologist, they don't usually directly interact with patients. They write a report about whatever scan you had and respond to the physician that ordered it. If you mean a radiation oncologist, and you had some kind of radiation treatment, he would only answer questions about that treatment. How can another doctor know about it?

Sorry about my sloppy language.

It is my radiation oncologist and I am supposed to be starting treatment next month. Asked him some questions about which treatment is best,(i.e. ADT plus radiation plus brach. therapy etc.). He said ADT plus radiation plus brach. Asked to make an appointment to meet with him. No response.

Most doctors I have dealt with respond within three or four days. Just wondering if this is the usual with "cancer" doctors.

Usually call the office to set up an appointment, not the doctor.

Tried that too but no response. I will try that again though. Thanks

Can you contact the nursing staff or the radiogical technician?

yes no response as well so how long should i wait?

Maybe you should find another radiation oncologist.

I would think you have been more than patient. If these medical people cannot be bothered to contact you now how will they react during and after you treatments. If there are other medical groups available, do it now. Do your research on medical groups in your area.


No response is unacceptable... 10 days? Even more so!

And this is to ask a question or set-up an appointment? What happens when post treatmen, you have an issue and require interaction?...

You're asking a question you already have answered in your head but have come online seeking validation for your thoughts. Do what you already think you should do! If you have any nagging question as to whether or not your doctor is right for you, treating you right, or that something is wrong... It's time for a new doctor!

Good luck!


Fire the doctor, find another. No excuse for that behavior.


Doctor is unresponsive. Write a letter outlining you efforts. Advise you are changing physicians and why. Send a copy to the local medical board. Other patients may be getting the same poor care.


I never assume a business responds to email unless they tell me they do.

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