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Vitamin C Therapy


So, I've been going to a Cancer Center for Healing in Irvine, CA for Vitamin C Therapy and even though I have insurance it's about $200.00 per visit for 50 grams. I see a Integrative Medical Oncologist there, but not real happy with her.

Can anyone recommend a place for an Integrative Medical Oncologist and/or a center for Vitamin C therapy, I'm in Whittier, CA.


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Vitamin C infusions were proven to have no effect on prostate cancer in a clinical trial. There are vultures who will attack you for your money.

It might have some effect combined with docetaxel - there is an ongoing clinical trial of that combination to find out.

Thank you. I had not seen that. I very much appreciate sound advise

I don't live in California so can't answer your question.

But speaking about IVC:

IMO, it isn't worthwhile given side effects, financial costs, time costs, and speculative benefits. Perhaps it could be useful in a program that generates oxidative stress? Speculative though.

Looking at the protocol I think they used far too small of a dose for any possible effects to occur. I've tested it and it takes about a 100g dose in one hour to get a possible therapeutic level (I'm 200 lbs).

It doesn't look like they used a control for their study. And I don't see pre-experiment PSADT (PSA doubling time). I wish they had included these items and used a higher dose.

Dr Connealy?

ocman in reply to ODave

Dr. Connealy isn't in my network, so I see Dr. Bita Badakhshan.

I live in Miami and I went twice a week to Liquivida Lounge. I noticed that they opened up a location in Malibu, but I’m not sure about Irvine. I received 250 grams each time I received an IV. Unlike others here, I believe it helped me as part of a comprehensive treatment and I fully eradicated my cancer in 5 months. I suggest you continue your IV’s as just one part of your treatment. Good luck to you.

AlanMeyerModerator in reply to JorgeGMiamiBeach

Hello Jorge,

I saw your earlier post about how unhappy you were on Lupron and I understand it. You may, as others have suggested in the earlier post, decide to take the risk and get off Lupron, either switching to a weaker drug like 50 mg daily of Casodex, daily dutasteride, or even bipolar androgen therapy. You might also try some immunotherapy like Provenge - taking Lupron at the same time for some months in order to give Provenge its best chance of working before getting completely off Lupron.

If you decide to stop the Lupron, I urge you to keep getting frequent PSA tests and be prepared to go back to Lupron or other treatments if the PSA starts rising. Unfortunately, the chance that we can "fully eradicate" metastatic cancer is vanishingly small. We can sometimes drive the PSA down to the point of being undetectable and many men in this group have done that, but I don't personally know of any case where the PSA stayed undetectable for more than a few months after the end of all treatment.

Best of luck.


Thank you Alan. After much thought I decided to remain on my quarterly Lupron injections and not take any chances.

Try to find an AP Nurse who is licensed to do this and won't charge you an arm and a leg.

Though Tall Allen is right, you are chasing unicorns.

See generally

What P.T. Barnum said - and there are those that would suck wallets dry without a second thought about the victims and their survivors ....

Can't say one way or the other about the real benefits, but in the scheme of things 50g seems too low. If you do go ahead with it read research from Prof M Lisanti about killing cancer stem cells, and take Doxycycline plus Azithromycin at the same time as the vitamin C infusion. This combination has been shown to kill cancer stem cells in the lab. Vit C is extremely cheap so there should not be a different charge for higher dose. Once you have seen it done, see if you can find a tame nurse to shove in cannula and help with the process, and you're good to go :-) In my opinion anything logical is worth a try . Regrets are things you didn't do.... Good luck

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