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4 months with painful urination after brachytherapy

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I had LDR brachytherapy 4 months ago for prostate cancer. I am still having incredible pain when I pee, urgency and unable to empty my bladder even though I am on flomax. Has anyone else had this problem what did you do about it and does it get better as the radiation dies down

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Try pyridium.


Thank you for the link. Do you have any idea how long I need to wait after being seeded before I could have this procedure

No. I do not have any issues with urination.

At one time I thought I had BPH but it ended up being PC.

I came across this while researching BPH.

I will research it and talk it over with my doctor. thank you again

👍 I hope you find some relief

Pyridoxine (phenazopyridine) is a good suggestion for the pain and burning. It will turn your urine red-orange in color and your urine will stain your underwear.

My oncologist doubled my daily dosage to 2 pills at night, plus Advil mornings & night. Things improved remarkably

I am very sorry to hear of your problem. But mine was the opposite. After trying Flomax, I was totally incontinent. I had to stop taking it and to take something to restore my continence.

Hi, I had LDR brachytherapy in September 2018 and my PSA currently stands at 0.24. I am, however, still experiencing bladder issues, such as getting up twice to three times in the night for a wee. My urologist recently prescribed Betmiga to treat my "overactive" bladder. I have noticed a slight improvement but apparently it takes at least three months before you get better results. I suggest you check for an infection either in the urethra or the bladder. Please note that for the first six to 10 months after my procedure I too had burning sensations when passing urine and a dull pain in the groin. It is much better on the whole these days but not completely. So ask your doctor for a test to check for infections. Good luck

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UltraRunner54 in reply to Enki

I just had my urinalysis and blood work done I definitely don't have an infection. Do you still have burning when you urinate. If not how long did that take to go away. I am also getting up two to four times a night. But the real problem is the burning. Takes sometimes 30 seconds to get a stream going then I have a spasm and it stops after 5 seconds and then I have to try and get it restarted. To put the pain in perspective I was mowing my yard a couple weeks ago and I got stung by two wasps and the first thing I thought was wow that didn't even hurt as much as taking a piss.

I was changed to the max dosage, 1Flomax in AM and 1 Flomax in PM. Situation much improved and no longer a serious issue, judg69

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Thanks, how long has it been since your surgery. I do better also on twice a day but I'd like to run and it really makes my joints ache. Going to switch to low dose Cialis which is an option to flomax and see how that does.just wondering if I'm going to have to take these medicines for years or deal with the pain. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever feel normal again

Hi Ultra R , I didn’t have brachytherapy. I had 5 weeks IMRT radiation and 6 months Firmagon ADT, allcompleted April, 2019. Best Wishes, judg69

Thanks for responding

I had similar pain on urination. Im 9 months since Cyberknife radiation. Recently urine flow decreased to a point that my urologist did a cystoscopy. He just inserted a catheter and inflated it stretching the urethra. He referred to it as not dense but a weblike bulbar stricture. Left in catheter, which I removed the next morning. No more pain, great stream pressure. What a difference.

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Thank you for the reply I'm seeing a urologist in two weeks and I will keep this in mind

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PwSher in reply to UltraRunner54

I should mention he used a tiny camera first to visualize it. I was down to just dribbling. Good luck.

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