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Pain level a few days after RP


Had robotic radical prostatectomy on Wed. 8/29 (3 days ago) and I'm in significant pain throughout my chest and shoulders. It's nothing that can't be managed and I only mention it because my team and several other information forums have for the most part indicated the pain level is not significant. I think most of the pain may be associated with the positioning of the body during the procedure as I do have arthritis of the shoulders. Just wondering if others have experienced the same problem.

Thanks to everyone who is contributing to this forum as it has helped me greatly to get through a very trying life experience.

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I am so sorry you are having so much pain. I hope you get help to manage your pain. Hang in there.

Hi Ernie, Yeah I had a little pain after surgery as well and a big bruise on the side of my waist as well. I do know the surgery is done at a tilt with legs higher than head and I think being in that position for 4-5 hours does affect the muscles. However I found that soon disappeared after a few days and the bruise completely disappeared after about a week or so. I had surgery on Aug 9, and outside of some minor incontinence issues, all seems to be well. Good Luck

Hey Dreamer thanks for the comments and great news that you are doing so well. I think my expectations were a bit unrealistic as far as pain level goes but I do see improvement as days go by and awaiting September 6 when the catheter is removed.

All in all I feel modern medicine (although not perfect) is amazing and I have such a high regard for doctors and nurses that help us through really tough times.

Here's wishing you a total recovery and many happy years ahead.

You too my friend

I had quite a bit of pain in my shoulders after surgery for a couple days, I was told this was due to the CO2 that was pumped into the abdomen during surgery. That pain was completely gone by the 3rd or 4th day.

I did have soreness in my abdomen for about 4 weeks, especially at the incision sites. Now that I'm back in the gym on a daily basis (started in week 6, I'm 7 weeks removed from surgery), and doing light ab and oblique work has really helped that soreness out.

ernie8723 in reply to btl258

Good for you, sounds like you are well on your way to recovery and since I just had surgery you are an inspiration to me. Continue the recovery and all the best going forward.

dentaltwin in reply to ernie8723

I'll have to ask my doc, but the materials they gave me told me to have pain in the abdomen and shoulder. I assume the abdominal pain is partly due to the insufflation required for endoscopic surgery, but I can't imagine why the shoulders would hurt. They had me on my side for my biopsy, but it seems unlikely they'd have me on my side for the surgery. Anyone know about the shoulder pain?

ernie8723 in reply to dentaltwin

My Physician Assistant told me the shoulder pain was from the gas pumped in to separate organs providing more room for the instruments

dentaltwin in reply to ernie8723

Yikes! I assumed they'd use insufflation in the abdominal cavity, but that's a long way from the neighborhood!

I remember some pain in my chest (not the shoulders) which eventually went away, after maybe a week to ten days? too long ago to remember more exactly! I hope your pain diminishes quickly and goes away completely ASAP!

Hi Ernie,

I hurt like hell for days after. I thought it was the positions they must have twisted me into but I found out it was from the gas they use to inflate the region they are working in to give them more room. It takes days for some of to expel that gas. It is especially difficult foe larger more muscled or heavy set men.


Ernie, it is definitely the gas they pumped into you. It hurt me in my chest and into my neck and jaw. I also thought it had been the position I had been in on the operating table. It was the gas however. Nasty! I had morphine and it didn't touch it. It ill go, just keep moving, that will dislodge it.

ernie8723 in reply to Hidden

Hey Tim,

Gas is no longer a big problem (now minor)- Gas-x helped greatly.

Thanks for the reply - Stay well!

dentaltwin in reply to ernie8723

Thanks for the tip!

I just had back pain, which the doctor treated with 1 500 mg Tylenol once I was off the initial morphine. One Tylenol was not enough, but they wouldn't give more because of the fact I have one kidney (the other had cancer). But no chest pain. Call your doctor about it.

Day 7 after Da Vinci surgery - very little pain (no pain meds after day 4)- a little catheter leakage (few drops when straining). BIg day tomorrow when catheter will be removed (C-day).

Feel great about my decision knowing that there is an excellent chance all cancer has been removed, but still have to wait for pathology report and 3 month PSA results.

I know both ED and incontinence must be dealt with but All in all NO REGRETS.


Late to respond because I am sure that your pain has faded now. The pain you had was not only from positioning but also due to irritation of your diaphragm muscles and the lining of your abdomen by the carbon dioxide gas they pumped in to inflate your belly. I had the same thing and pain in my ribs when taking a deep breath. It went away in about a week. There was no mention of this prior to the surgery. This is a disappointment. So many worries can be eliminated by doctors if they tell us what is going to happen. I happen to be a physician and I chided my surgeon in a respectful way for his failure to discuss or list or mention this expectation. Anyone who does any kind of laparoscopic surgery knows of this.

CatNinja in reply to Hidden

Thanks everyone for the explanations. My partner had RP five days ago and began complaining of pain/pressure in his chest and shoulder yesterday. He's a big guy and will be calling the surgeon today just in case, but good to hear other people's experiences and explanations.

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