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Hello from SW Florida


Just starting down the road and most likely about to learn way more about Prostate Cancer than I ever wanted to know


PSA Values

2.0 Sept 2004 age 57

4.0 April 2010 age 63

4.5 August 2012 age 65

5.6 August 2013 Age 66

9.2 May 18, 2018

Every PSA test above was followed by normal / unremarkable DRE by same Internist

10.2 June 20, 2018 Age 71 (less one month) my new urologist / lab

Free PSA 8.4% June 20

Highly experienced 52-year old urologist found "soft, small, uniform prostate" when doing an EXTENSIVE DRE June 6, 2018

3T MP MRI scheduled June 28, 2018 to be followed by TRUS/12-core biopsy in late July 2018. Urologist uses MRI image, marked up by his 15-year radiology partner to locate biopsy samples

No 1st degree familial prostate cancer

No urinary symptoms

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Well Sailor I am glad you are taking your time and doing your research. Here is what I have found since joining the club in Feb 18. The first thing is to determine the stage of the cancer, the risk of it having spread beyond the prostate and the probability of it being cured. Genetic tests, a T3 MRI and a second opinion from John Hopkins of your pathology are worth it. I read a lot of clinical trials and of course there are a lot of folks that will advocate one treatment over another, but outside of Active Surveillance there has not been any clinical trials comparing treatments and long term outcomes and side effects. I bought most of my PC books used except a the new book by Mark Scholz The Key to Prostate Cancer which I had to buy new. It was a good one on Staging PC. Here is a link to an interview with him about the book. urotoday.com/video-lectures... Sorry you have to go through this. I have summarized my staging below for you. Good Luck!

PSA 1.4 6.18.18 Lupron 5.14.18

PSA 12.7 5.18.18

PSA 13.8 2.13.18

PSA 2.1 2.02.12

Adenocarcinoma of the prostate. Neurogenic bladder and recurrent bladder neck contracture with urinary retention. STAGING: Gleason 3+4=7 adenocarcinoma of the prostate involving 15% of the right apex and 15% of the right mid with additional Gleason 3+3=6 prostate cancer involving 5% of the left base with a PSA of 14 (but with adjustment for finasteride it was about 28). Pathology 3+4=7 has been reviewed at University of New Mexico 3+4=7, MD Anderson 4+3=7 and John Hopkins 3+4=7. A transrectal ultrasound of the prostate sized the gland at about 24 grams. A T3 MRI of the prostate shows a 1.8cm PIRADS 5 lesion in right PZ without gross ECE. A Prolaris test is consistent with intermediate risk and a PTEN test is negative for deletion

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