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I hope I am not premature in posting. I'm a 62 year old guy whose psa has been slowly rising However my recent rise is about 25% in a year. June 2016 5.1. Today, sept 7, 2017- 6.6

My free psa has always been between 21-24%

Also my testosterone has always been low, around 175. Is it time for my first biopsy?

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  • Yes, it would seem that a biopsy is in order. Did you have a DRE? What did the doc feel? Unfortunately recent studies have been suggesting that the low T is an indicator of more aggressive forms of PCa. The cause/effect part hasn't been proven yet, but even so I think your numbers suggest proceeding to a biopsy. Better to know than to worry.

  • Thanks my dre has always been nothing/negative. I'm mostly worried about MRI. I am massively claustrophobic. If it were a few years ago, before the MRI was part of biopsy, then no worries. But now, I feel scared of the claustrophobic MRI and don't believe I can do it

  • I'd talk to the doctor about that. There are open MRI machines now, and it is possible to give you temporary sedation that can be reversed when it's over. The use of MRI is still somewhat controversial, but clearly as the technology improves the tool that offers the best view. I see literature that states that the skill of the doctor/technican is critical; so you want someone who has done lots of them.

  • A little reading might help:

  • I recently did the 3T MRI for about an hour and had no issue feeling closed in. Your head and shoulders are outside the machine. The photos that came back were better than a biopsy and you can now use this MRI for a guided biopsy which IMO is better than random samples.

  • My brother has claustrophobia plus vertigo. (He's not a cancer patient, I am). Has tried MRI for knees and hips but cannot tolerate, like you, closed scanners. Recently was directed to an open MRI and is still singing its praises. I have been in every machine imaginable and more and just become fascinated by them and more so by looking at the scan results. Go open because worry should be eliminated at every stage. Good luck

  • Years ago I required an MRI for a shoulder problem which I knew would require going head first into the MRI 'torpedo tube'. I asked for, and got, a sedative pill from my doctor. Just recently I had a bone scan for prostate cancer. I went feet first into the scanner, which was open except for the scan zone. The last couple of minutes my head was covered by the contraption. Not fun, but I managed for that minute or so. Good luck.

  • OK I have the same problem,what I do is play laud music and close my eyes for the whole scan,and no peeking?

  • Definitely time for biopsy. I was in a similar situation. The short version-I got radiation treatment for PCa. Why did you wait for a year?


  • Just let me be as clear as I can....., If you have Prostate Cancer, IT AIN'T GOING AWAY! And once it is out of the prostate gland it is a WHOLE NEW AND DANGEROUS BALL GAME! There are a hell of a lot worse things they can, and may have to do to you if it is cancer than to have a biopsy done. Nough said.

  • Ok I'm 65 I was in a very similar spot. I'm in USA so keep that in mind. They had a clinical trial I could have gotten into for hifu treatment which would normally cost 20thousand dollars but I waited too long and had too high PSA and Gleason score to qualify. Second choice is intravenous vitamin c which will keep your cancer ,if you have it in check. Biopsy is your call. Pick a number and get it done when you hit it. Something under 12 though.

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