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Should my prostate be enlarged

Hoping someone can help educate me. I had 100 Palidum seed implants in 2006. No other treatments. PSA has remained at 0.1-0.2 since. At recent exam I was advised my prostate is enlarged but PSA has not changed. I was under the assumption that my prostate was destroyed by the implants. Do I need to see a different Dr? My original urolological oncologist retired. Thanks!

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I'd be curious to know:

1. How does he know it's enlarged? How did he measure it?

2. How big is it?

3. Is it larger than it was before, or is it merely larger than that of other men your age?

It's possible that he just thinks every older man's prostate is enlarged and didn't really have anything specific to your case. It's also possible that he's giving a standard answer to why you may have to urinate more frequently now than before, without really thinking about what he's saying. I was told by a radiation oncologist that the prostate shrinks after radiation, but that it can still clamp down around the urethra, causing more frequent urination.

As for whether the prostate can grow after radiation, I don't know. My understanding, like yours, is that much of the prostate eventually dies off in the years after radiation.


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She indicated it was slightly larger than normal. She didn't indicate on size etc and I didn't ask as I was shocked that it could be felt at all as my oncologist had said there would be dry ejacuation because prostate was gone. Dr Breyer is now retired or I'd return to him as he was one of the 1st and best in this type of theraptI am looking at getting another opinion. Thanks for the response.


I'm not sure that the prostate is "gone". The radiation damages the DNA in the prostate tissue and, over time, a lot of that tissue dies. However I don't know how much of it disappears from the body. I think at least some of it is still there.

But I'm just speculating here. If you find out more facts, please let us know.



Not a doctor but implanted seeds destroy tumors. Prostate hosted the seeds and is still there; only the tumor is deactivated. I had BPH ten years before prostate cancer. Benign prostatic hyperplasia. TURP (roto-rooter) surgery for that. BPH is very common with older men.


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