Some Urologists Doing Two Surgeries at the Same Time!

Imagine that your urologist said s/he was going to perform your surgery and another man's surgery, during the exact same time, bouncing between two operating rooms while a resident does the actual surgical procedure. Would you agree to that? Well, turns out that many of the very famous high performing, high volume surgeons are doing just that. Please read this article from the Boston Globe:

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  • I wish I were more shocked to read this than I am.

    I wonder if he manipulates his success numbers, discounting any failures (but counting any successes!) due to the surgeries by his subordinates.


  • This is really disturbing. And, where does this get him? Richer faster? What a loser.

  • If mine told me that, I would fire him on the spot.

  • I would not accept this.

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