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Up Date MRI Guided Biopsy

Hello All,

Yesterday I received my results on the Guided MRI Biopsy performed on Jan. 6. I had a Trans rectal ultrasonography (TRUS) back in April with a Gleason 0f 4+3=7. As you all know i have been on AS since my TRUS Biopsy.

There was no significant difference in the Guided and the TRUS. Except they took 16 cores and 4 from the target and 12 elsewhere. All 4 from that core was cancer. which they labeled 4+3 =7. (Stage T1c) still capsulized. The tumor was on the left of the cancer wall.

No doubt, I am seeing an oncologist this month for radiation treatment. Removal of prostate not an option, because of age.

Urologist said I could go either way, AS Or treatment. I thought to my self, you don't have this disease in your body that is deadly and can kill you. Hell, I don't expect to live forever, but while I am here , I can be pro active and forget about the daily anxiety and worries about the cancer, and try for a cure. Cancer lurking in my body is a no, no to me at this point.

His thinking at my age something else would find my demise before

the cancer. Well, lets roll the dice and see.


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You've made a reasonable choice. 4 cores of Gleason 7 would certainly be worth treating, in a "young person" -- that is, someone who doesn't know, yet, what's going to kill him.

It's not your age that drives "treatment or AS?". It's your life expectancy, compared to how many years it will take the tumor to grow to life-threatening (or health-threatening) size.

My views on this topic have changed, especially since I hit 70!<g>

. Charles

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Thanks for the reply. Care to share your story? Are you on AS.


I had surgery for a Gleason 6 tumor in 2007, age 62. So far, no recurrence. I've gotten pretty good at handling ED (especially with injections) and incontinence.

. Charles

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