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Artificial Urinary Sphincter question

Hello Group.  I recently (12 weeks ago) had an AUS implanted to help control my incontinence.  It is working well so far. I would say that I am about 90% dry as opposed to before I was very incontinent.  However, since the surgery, my impotence, which was fairly bad before, is not even worse.  In fact, I would say I am completely impotent.  Facts - I am 52 years old and had an RP 2 years ago.  I was able to get about a  50-60% erection after the RP.   My question:  has anyone else had an AUS implanted and did you experience further impotence?

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I'm sorry you are impotent. Ask your urologist to help you. Hopefully, in time things will improve.


I have had an AUS for about 18 months and it is working GREAT, and I highly recommend them IF needed.   I had RP surgery 23 years ago at age 52 and unfortunately I have been impotent since then.  My surgeon was one of those who said and still says, that he is much more worried about getting ALL the cancer then he was, and is concerned about erections.  As a Prostate Cancer Support Group facilitator I know and have known more than a few men AND their doctors who were more concerned with saving the erection than curing the cancer, only to have it come back.  There are several options that take care of impotence such as implants, vacuum devices, pills, and injections, but I have never heard of a cure for advanced prostate cancer that has moved to the bones and other organs.  Good luck.


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