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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Last message from Lynne

Hi all

Last message from Lynne.

Lynne can't send any messages as she's having one or two problems. She just wanted me to let you know.


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Oh dear, poor Lynne it's just not right what she's going through bless her. Sending love her way cf, thanks for letting us know. xx

Thanks Alicia,

Let Lynne know we are all thinking of her and we will all be here when she’s able to message. I hope she is able to get some rest despite her pain and being ‘potched with’ (a colloquial expression for having a medical procedure). 😘❤️

Hi Alicia, please pass on best wishes to Lynne next time you have any contact with her

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Veteran250 in reply to Jennymary

And my best wishes to 😘🌹🌈Xx

Thank you all, I will pass on🌈🙏

Me too, keep your chin up Lynne, we’re all thinking of you😘

Best wishes & positive thoughts to Lynne

Pity x

One damned thing after another! Big HugX

Stay strong xx

Sending love and best wishes Lynne. I hope you are well soon and posting again.

Sending positive vibes and a gentle hug to Lynne right now. I hope things get a little better soon and remember folk on here are thinking about you, take care Xxx

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits

Thanks hope she's ok

Best wishes from me too 💖

Gentle hugs from me


Please pass on best wishes.

Hi springcross Narwhal10 Jennymary Veteran250 Hidden Rosepetal60 Snowdrops_17 VelvetSky Hidden Sheila_G glo42 Craftyperson ArctoLindy ellj Bluetop , I've passed on your messages to Lynne and she thanks you all so very much for your thoughts.

Hope you are all okay.

Stay safe and well.

Alicia 🌈👍😊

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Narwhal10 in reply to

Thanks so much for relaying the messages back and forth - it is very much appreciated Alicia. Hope you are keeping safe and well too.

Charlie 😘

in reply to Narwhal10

You are welcome Charlie.

I'm keeping really well and I hope you are, particularly under this current climate.

Stay safe and well.

Alicia 🌹😊

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