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Let's Celebrate Diwali!

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Well! India is celebrating Diwali in the coming week. It is a festival of lights. It celebrates the winning of light over dark. The story is Lord Ram returned to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile, he was king of Ayodhya and when he returned, people celebrated it with diyas/lights.

So, on this Diwali, I will be very happy if you can share some lines from your life that celebrates your light.

Mine is,

The peeking eyes

Disturbs sometimes!

To build a 'zero effect' frame

Is a tough game

But, Fearless

She reigns

For every jerk back

She accelerates ahead

In the lonely nights

She wins the fight

Their fierce eyes

Yet, she shines bright

On her own

A beautiful knight!

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Hi and welcome to the group, Shivedita. :-) Please feel free to continue posting postings and comments, ask questions and participate in the activities/postings we have every day. We have artwork, music, word games, trivia, puzzles, a monthly book posting done once a month and pinned to the Pinned Posts, etc.. Everyone is very helpful and willing to answer any of your questions/concerns to the best of our abilities. :-)

Thank you so much. It is really interesting. Yes I know, people here are very helpful and I am happy to be the part of it.

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ciley in reply to Activity2004

india is close to my heart,having been there and lived there for a short time~ i have celebrated DIWALI WITH THE UGANDAN aAIANS IN NORWICH, AND DID THAT EXTRAORDINARY DANCE WHERE YOU 'TOUCH STICKS?'

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Shivedita in reply to ciley

Oh that is called Garbha. Wow! I loved hearing this. I hope we will see you soon in India.😇😇

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ciley in reply to Shivedita

in my next life~def

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Shivedita in reply to ciley

But why so? It's okay, if it is your choice. But, we will be always welcoming you.

Happy Diwali!🙏The world already feels a little bit lighter this evening having seen the news! Thank you for your poem and keep shining!😊

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Shivedita in reply to Alb2

Happy Diwali to you too. Yes, the good news.😃😃

Always a pleasure!

Hi Shivedita,

What lovely prose and a great introduction to Diwali. Excuse my ignorance, was it a prayer ? We all need light in our life. 🙇‍♀️

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Shivedita in reply to Narwhal10

Hey Narwahal. Thank you! It is not sort of prayer but every poem is deep down having some prayer. So in that sense, yes. Yes, we all need light in our lives.☺️☺️

Hi Shivedita, that's a wonderful poem and wishing you a very happy Diwali! 🙏

Thank you so much! I wish you also a vey happy Diwali.☺️☺️

Wow!Love and the love of life is my brightness and guide in life. Loved it!

Thank you!

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