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A Small 'Change', what a Difference😁

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Dear All,

It is truly amazing, how much difference a 'Small' change can make..... Like buying a new Washing Liquid, for example.

Seriously, the 'Stuff' that my Mother 'Passed Onto me', a few weeks ago- whilst actually Cleaning well.... The Smell😖😖😖🥴🥴🤢(well, not quite🤢 perhaps..). So I asked the 'Shopping Lady' (I'm back in Lock Down) to Buy me an 'Own Brand Biological)... what a Difference! Coupled with some Stain Remover, my Washing is Clean, Bright and SMELLS So much better😊😊🤗😃😄😄. (I wonder if anybody wants some Washing Capsules...... Free Of Charge!)


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Hello I live with my mam but I buy my own I get the baby one lol for sensitive skin my eyes are sensitive too my mam's washing on the radiator is ☹️🔥you keep warm and enjoy your washing don't forget clean fresh sheets a real tonic 🔥😁


Makes all the difference. I use an eco one from Wilko in the UK (saying UK for our foreign family), and it's brilliant and not expensive either.🌈👍

Hi, I couldn't help smiling at your post today because I understand how you feel. Yes, a simple change can make a difference in many cases. These days I buy more eco friendly products than previously. These used to be much more expensive but now that there is a growing awareness of finding ways of helping the planet they have become much cheaper. It also gives me great satisfaction making these small changes knowing I'm doing my bit when I can. Well. Machine just finished so Im off to put my washing on the line as its going to rain tomorrow.


I agree AndrewT, it can make a big difference. That's just happened to me in a reversed way. I couldn't by my favourite brand last time I stocked up, so bought a different brand, and it's just awful. Stains aren't removed and the washing's looking dingy. Can't wait to get back to my usual stuff! 👍

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MidoriVisually impaired

I can't used bio detergent, or I come out in hives, and itch till the cows come home!

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