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The less older horse

This is Tune, registered as Wood Briar Farms Morning Star, 21 years old, wearing her barn pearls. She's an Egyptian bred Arabian, rescued from a fancy stable that went under financially.

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She's a darling Wallowa and looking really well for a lady of age!

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21 is old for a horse. She's an old lady same as baby the cat who is 16!

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Well, she's "mature" (equivalent of about 60) so she's about right I think. When I got her she had been neglected somewhat, and couldn't move straight. She was fancy, but she shows signs of early malnutrition and inadequate exercise. It took about 200 miles of ground work to get her to travel straight. We used to call her the Gumby Mare because no two feet lined up in any direction, and she would bang the side of the round pen with her feet because she didn't travel well. We now use her to teach riding to 5-6 year old granddaughters of a friend.

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She's lucky she ended up with you then. xx

Such a beauty.

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Thanks. I'll tell her :)

She’s gorgeous.

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She thinks so!

Yes she looks gorgeous 😍

I do cherish my memories in Germany when enjoying riding lessons for nearly 2 years! Horses are very strong, but if you treat them right they are fun to ride! Miss that 💞 But I seldom cantered for safety reasons! I had 4 children then! But it was good for fitness altogether and loved the smell in the stables 😀

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It's a lot of fun!

She's a very pretty girl!

Does she have a snaffle mouth to snaffle mints?

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She's very dainty about treats!

Oh Wallowa, what a beauty - a great big hug from me please. Thanks for sharing this. xx

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Gorgeous Wallowa.😊👍

Hi Wallowa. I've just found this and thought I would share it with you.

"The air of heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears." - Arabian Proverb

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