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Super simple horse print puzzle

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These horses are prints I made yesterday, using styrofoam packing for the print block, and using metallic ink (gold and copper - they photograph more like yellow and red) embellished with black ink for personality.

Here's the puzzle link. Have fun.

15 Replies
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loving this

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They're great. They make me think of cave paintings. 🙂🌸

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thank you!

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Great Wallowa, another good one, thanks. Interesting way of doing the prints. xx

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6.34 Great puzzles again

You have been missed

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Thank you!!!!!!!

Great puzzle Wallowa and what beautiful horse prints. I bet the colours are even more stunning than in the photo! I've never tried making a styrofoam print block. I may give this a try as the result is lovely. (Maybe mine won't be quite as accomplished though!) 👍😃

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Do - and give yourself permission! Acrylic paint works if you don't have metallics...

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I do like your prints Wallowa, you are a very creative person. I am enjoying doing the puzzles, so thank you.🙂👍

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That's so nice, I'm glad.

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I love doing these puzzles. Thank you.

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so nice! I'm glad!

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