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Remembering The Glorious Dead

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Dear All,

Yesterday was a Very Special Day, the Battle Of Britain some eighty years on. Am I the only one, who offered Prayers- and Tears- for BOTH 'sides'? Two Nations, Both of Saxon Stock, fighting each other Twice, within a few years. Forget the Politics, of the day, we were Fighting our own Cousins.

I have a 'Pictorial History Of The Great War' book, in my collection, Many, many photographs of the Fighting- in a number of cases, very Close Up. Strip away the Uniforms, and any 'regalia', and we are the SAME.

Have you see the Film 'War Horse', the part where Both the British, and German, 'Lines' are trying to free the Horse. The Englishman says "Thanks 'Fritz'" to the German, to which the German replies "My name is not 'Fritz', it's Peter". The German then, goes on, to explain that he had spent 'Many Years' in England, prior to the War.

So Will you all, join me, in a Final Prayer for us ALL. 'Dear Lord, forgive us our Sins, against both You, and Each other. Grant that we might ALL find your, True love, and Eternal Peace.... Now and Forever. Amen.'


6 Replies
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Veteran250 also did a post on this. I think he posted his on sunday if i remember correctly.

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Veteran250 in reply to blackbeauty99

Thank you my lovely, my post was on Battle of Britain Day 15th September.👍🌹

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Beautifully put Andrew, both my wife and myself spent time yesterday reflecting on these wars.

It is not we, the people that create these terrible wars but the fault of our so called ‘leaders’, it is happening all the time, all over the world, were these leaders are always looking for trouble and determined to create wars. Man can be so evil!

Certain countries even today are trying to create more disasters, the same old countries, always causing wars.

I know that it will never happen but can you imagine a world without armies etc.

Best wishes, Tim.

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MidoriVisually impaired

My grandfather fought in WW1 and my father (RAF) and uncle (Royal Marines) in WW2. My grandmother, aunt and mother worked on Wellington Bombers at Vickers in Weybridge, and later my mother worked directly for Barnes Wallis.

So Yes, I remembered them,all of them.

Cheers, Midori

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AndrewT in reply to Midori

Dear Midori,

Yes Barnes Wallis, a very brave man, whose 'Bouncing Bombs' destroyed the Rure (I'm not sure if that's right), and Rhyne Dams.... killing Hundreds, under a 'Wall' of water. I often wonder what That would have been 'like', hopefully Instant.

My Grandfather, on my Fathers side, was a Sub Marine- one of the first apparently. My Mothers Father was an ARP Warden and the only Survivor, of a 'Direct Hit' on their Station. My Mother, and her Mother, were actually Fired On by a German Plane- apparently the 'Holes' are still there in the wall. (Fortunately they were not 'hit')

So yes a VERY sad time. Let us not forget that, even Today, the German Rocket system- which gave 'birth' to the Saturn 5- is Still the most Reliable Way of reaching orbit. (Notwithstanding the Private Companies, now being used)

So let us, by all means, Remember Our Heritage but not Dwell on it. Let us ALL try to 'move away' from Killing, and Hatred, and more towards HIS Holy Way. I know that Church Gatherings are 'difficult' right now.... but let us Not 'Forget' His Message. Peace, and love, to our Fellow Man.

May I offer, My Prayer For Peace?


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MidoriVisually impaired

I'm not a religious person, but I have no objection.

Cheers. Midori

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